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●   Customer Relationship Management
●   CVS The Web Strategy
●   Dean Foods
●   Electrohome (A), (B) & (C) Teaching Note
●   Electrohome (A)
●   Electrohome (b)
●   Electrohome (c)
●   Five Keys to Keeping Your Best Customers
●   Four Steps to Forecast Total Market Demand
●   Foxy Originals
●   Get Emotional
●   Get Inside the Lives of Your Customers
●   Global Branding of Stella Artois
●   Go Downstream, The New Profit Imperative in Manufacturing
●   Intellibyte Inc. Euroloader Software
●   Jeanne Lewis
●   Legal Restrictions on Marketing Management
●   Leviton Manufacturing Co. Ltd. (Teaching Notes)
●   Leviton Manufacturing Co. Ltd.
●   Logitech
●   Manage Customers for Profits
●   Marketing Strategy - An Overview
●   New World Mobility - Jockeying for Position
●   Note on Marketing Arithmetic and Related Marketing Terms
●   Public Opinion
●   Realize Your Customers' Full Profit Potential
●   Relationship Marketing Strategies
●   Reorienting Channels of Distribution
●   Rethinking Distribution, Adaptive Channels
●   SADAFCO, Teaching Note
●   Sadafco
●   Security Capital Pacific Trust (Branding)
●   Selecting a new name for Security Capital Pacific Trust
●   Seven Rules of International Distribution
●   Shanghai Jahwa - Liushen Shower Cream (A) and (B), Teaching Note
●   Shanghai Jahwa - Liushen Shower Cream (A)
●   Shanghai Jahwa - Liushen Shower Cream (B)
●   Shanghai Jahwa - The Maxam Brand, Teaching Note
●   Store Choice and Shopping Behavior - How Price Format Works
●   The Quality Improvement Customers Didn't Want
●   USA Today online (Teaching Notes)
●   USA Today online
●   Want to Perfect Your Company's Service - Use Behavioral Science (HBR OnPoint Enhanced Edition)
●   Want to Perfect Your Company's Service - Use Behavioral Science
●   What is Marketing
●   Why Satisfied Customers Defect