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IEEE Transactions on Computers—October 2008 (Vol. 57, No. 10)  

Table Of Contents

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SPECIAL SECTION on Programming Models and Architectures for Embedded Systems

Guest Editors' Introduction to the Special Section on Programming Architectures for Embedded Systems
Sandeep K. Shukla, Jean-Pierre Talpin

Implementing Synchronous Models on Loosely Time Triggered Architectures
Stavros Tripakis, Claudio Pinello, Albert Benveniste, Alberto Sangiovanni-Vincentelli, Paul Caspi, Marco Di Natale

The Algebra of Connectors—Structuring Interaction in BIP
Simon Bliudze, Joseph Sifakis

Throughput-Buffering Trade-Off Exploration for Cyclo-Static and Synchronous Dataflow Graphs
Sander Stuijk, Marc Geilen, Twan Basten

A Tractable and Fast Method for Monitoring SystemC TLM Specifications
Laurence Pierre, Luca Ferro

A Model-Driven Development Approach to Mapping UML State Diagrams to Synthesizable VHDL
Stephen K. Wood, David H. Akehurst, Oleg Uzenkov, W. Gareth J. Howells, Klaus D. McDonald-Maier

Regular Papers

Cache Noise Prediction
Prateek Pujara, Aneesh Aggarwal

MICRO: A Multilevel Caching-Based Reconstruction Optimization for Mobile Storage Systems
Tao Xie, Hui Wang

A Computing Resource Management Framework for Software-Defined Radios
Vuk Marojevic, Xavier Revés Ballesté, Antoni Gelonch

A Cooperative Game Framework for QoS Guided Job Allocation Schemes in Grids
Riky Subrata, Albert Y. Zomaya, Bjorn Landfeldt

Integrated Coverage and Connectivity in Wireless Sensor Networks: A Two-Dimensional Percolation Problem
Habib M. Ammari, Sajal K. Das

Brief Contributions

On Calculating Multiplicative Inverses Modulo 2^{m}
Ortal Arazi, Hairong Qi


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