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IEEE Transactions on Computers—June 2008 (Vol. 57, No. 6)

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Regular Papers

Strongly Diagnosable Product Networks Under the Comparison Diagnosis Model
Sun-Yuan Hsieh, Yu-Shu Chen

Exploiting In-Memory and On-Disk Redundancy to Conserve Energy in Storage Systems
Jun Wang, Xiaoyu Yao, Huijun Zhu

SEA: A Striping-Based Energy-Aware Strategy for Data Placement in RAID-Structured Storage Systems
Tao Xie

An Efficient and Deadlock-Free Network Reconfiguration Protocol
Olav Lysne, José Miguel Montañana, José Flich, José Duato, Timothy Mark Pinkston, Tor Skeie

Geometric Bounds: A Noniterative Analysis Technique for Closed Queueing Networks
Giuliano Casale, Richard R. Muntz, Giuseppe Serazzi

A Real-Time Ubiquitous System for Assisted Living: Combined Scheduling of Sensing and Communication for Real-Time Tracking
Min-Young Nam, Mhd Zaher Al-Sabbagh, Jung-Eun Kim, Man-Ki Yoon, Chang-Gun Lee, Eun Yong Ha

Implementation and Analysis of a New Selection Strategy for Adaptive Routing in Networks-on-Chip
Giuseppe Ascia, Vincenzo Catania, Maurizio Palesi, Davide Patti

Computationally Efficient PKI-Based Single Sign-On Protocol PKASSO for Mobile Devices
Ki-Woong Park, Sang Seok Lim, Kyu Ho Park

Extending EFSMs to Specify and Test Timed Systems with Action Duration and Time-Outs
Mercedes G. Merayo, Manuel Núñez, Ismael Rodríguez

Constructing a Message-Pruning Tree with Minimum Cost for Tracking Moving Objects in Wireless Sensor Networks Is NP-Complete and an Enhanced Data Aggregation Structure
Bing-Hong Liu, Wei-Chieh Ke, Chin-Hsien Tsai, Ming-Jer Tsai


Comments on "A Study of Odd Graphs as Fault-Tolerant Interconnection Networks”
Jong-Seok Kim, Hyeong-Ok Lee

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