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IEEE Transactions on Computers—July 2008 (Vol. 57, No. 7)

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A New CPU Availability Prediction Model for Time-Shared Systems
Marta Beltrán, Antonio Guzmán, Jose Luis Bosque

Efficient Encoding Algorithm for Second-Order Spectral-Null Codes Using Cyclic Bit Shift
Ching-Nung Yang

STAR: An Efficient Coding Scheme for Correcting Triple Storage Node Failures
Cheng Huang, Lihao Xu

DRES: Dynamic Range Encoding Scheme for TCAM Coprocessors
Hao Che, Zhijun Wang, Kai Zheng, Bin Liu

Memory-Link Compression Schemes: A Value Locality Perspective
Martin Thuresson, Lawrence Spracklen, Per Stenstrom

Efficient Deadline-Based QoS Algorithms for High-Performance Networks
Alejandro Martínez, George Apostolopoulos, Francisco J. Alfaro, José L. Sánchez, José Duato

Within-Die Variation-Aware Scheduling in Superscalar Processors for Improved Throughput
Patrick Ndai, Swarup Bhunia, Amit Agarwal, Kaushik Roy

Deferrable Scheduling for Maintaining Real-Time Data Freshness: Algorithms, Analysis, and Results
Ming Xiong, Song Han, Kam-Yiu Lam, Deji Chen

Logic and Computer Design in Nanospace
Samuel C. Lee, Loyd R. Hook IV

X-Block: An Efficient LFSR Reseeding-Based Method to Block Unknowns for Temporal Compactors
Seongmoon Wang, Kedarnath J. Balakrishnan, Wenlong Wei

Low Complexity Normal Elements over Finite Fields of Characteristic Two
Ariane M. Masuda, Lucia Moura, Daniel Panario, David Thomson

Brief Contributions

A Hybrid Flash File System Based on NOR and NAND Flash Memories for Embedded Devices
Chul Lee, Sung Hoon Baek, Kyu Ho Park

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