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IEEE Transactions on Computers—January 2008 (Vol. 57, No. 1)   

Table Of Contents

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State of the Journal
Fabrizio Lombardi

On-Demand Solution to Minimize I-Cache Leakage Energy with Maintaining Performance

Sung Woo Chung, Kevin Skadron

RACE: A Robust Adaptive Caching Strategy for Buffer Cache
Yifeng Zhu, Hong Jiang

Memory Data Flow Modeling in Statistical Simulation for the Efficient Exploration of Microprocessor Design Spaces
Davy Genbrugge, Lieven Eeckhout

Self-Adaptive Configuration of Visualization Pipeline over Wide-Area Networks
Qishi Wu, Jinzhu Gao, Mengxia Zhu, Nageswara S.V. Rao, Jian Huang, S. Sitharama Iyengar

Optimal Power/Performance Pipeline Depth for SMT in Scaled Technologies
Zeshan Chishti, T.N. Vijaykumar

Predicting and Exploiting Transient Values for Reduced Register File Pressure and Energy Consumption
Deniz Balkan, Joseph Sharkey, Dmitry Ponomarev, Kanad Ghose

Minimum Deadline Calculation for Periodic Real-Time Tasks in Dynamic Priority Systems
Patricia Balbastre, Ismael Ripoll, Alfons Crespo

Efficient Prefix Updates for IP Router Using Lexicographic Ordering and Updateable Address Set
Sieteng Soh, Lely Hiryanto, Suresh Rai

Sequential Circuit Design for Embedded Cryptographic Applications Resilient to Adversarial Faults
Gunnar Gaubatz, Erkay Savaş, Berk Sunar

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