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IEEE Transactions on Computers—February 2008 (Vol. 57, No. 2)

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Improving Quality of VoIP Streams over WiMax
Shamik Sengupta, Mainak Chatterjee, Samrat Ganguly

Bipartite Modular Multiplication Method
Marcelo E. Kaihara, Naofumi Takagi

Correctly Rounded Multiplication by Arbitrary Precision Constants
Nicolas Brisebarre, Jean-Michel Muller

Analysis of Mask-Based Nanowire Decoders
Eric Rachlin, John E. Savage

An Availability-Aware Task Scheduling Strategy for Heterogeneous Systems
Xiao Qin, Tao Xie

Elimination of Overhead Operations in Complex Loop Structures for Embedded Microprocessors
Nikolaos Kavvadias, Spiridon Nikolaidis

A Dynamic Slack Management Technique for Real-Time Distributed Embedded Systems
Subrata Acharya, Rabi N. Mahapatra

Energy-Efficient Multihop Polling in Clusters of Two-Layered Heterogeneous Sensor Networks
Zhenghao Zhang, Ming Ma

A Novel Distributed Sensor Positioning System Using the Dual of Target Tracking
Liqiang Zhang, Qiang Cheng, Yingge Wang

Power-Efficient Direct-Voting Assurance for Data Fusion in Wireless Sensor Networks
Hung-Ta Pai, Yunghsiang S. Han

Algorithms for Modeling a Class of Single Timing Faults in Communication Protocols
M. Ümit Uyar, Samrat S. Batth, Yu Wang, Mariusz A. Fecko

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