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IEEE Transactions on Computers—August 2008 (Vol. 57, No. 8)

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Editor-in-Chief's Note
Fabrizio Lombardi


An Input Vector Monitoring Concurrent BIST Architecture Based on a Precomputed Test Set
Ioannis Voyiatzis, Antonis Paschalis, Dimitris Gizopoulos, Constantin Halatsis, Frosso S. Makri, Miltiadis Hatzimihail

Bit-Parallel Polynomial Basis Multiplier for New Classes of Finite Fields
Huapeng Wu

A Current Mode, Parallel, Two-Rail Code Checker
Sotiris Matakias, Yiorgos Tsiatouhas, Themistoklis Haniotakis, Angela Arapoyanni

Modeling Toroidal Networks with the Gaussian Integers
Carmen Martínez, Ramón Beivide, Esteban Stafford, Miquel Moretó, Ernst M. Gabidulin

High-Performance Designs for Linear Algebra Operations on Reconfigurable Hardware
Ling Zhuo, Viktor K. Prasanna

Localized Broadcasting with Guaranteed Delivery and Bounded Transmission Redundancy
Majid Khabbazian, Vijay K. Bhargava

On the Computational Security of a Distributed Key Distribution Scheme
Vanesa Daza, Javier Herranz, Germán Sáez

Testing a Collaborative DDoS Defense in a Red Team/Blue Team Exercise
Jelena Mirkovic, Peter Reiher, Christos Papadopoulos, Alefiya Hussain, Marla Shepard, Michael Berg, Robert Jung

A Geometric Transversal Approach to Analyzing Track Coverage in Sensor Networks
Kelli Baumgartner, Silvia Ferrari

A CDF-Based Tool for Studying Temperature in Rack-Mounted Servers
Jeonghwan Choi, Youngjae Kim, Anand Sivasubramaniam, Jelena Srebric, Qian Wang, Joonwon Lee

Brief Contributions

A More Realistic Thinning Scheme for Call Admission Control in Multimedia Wireless Networks
Xian Wang, Pingzhi Fan, Yi Pan

A Scale Factor Correction Scheme for the CORDIC Algorithm
M.G. Buddika Sumanasena

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