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IEEE Spectrum Volume: 45  Issue: 5   Date: May 2008

Table of Contents

Cover ,Page(s): c1-c1

Table of contents, Page(s): 1-3

Back story: Her First DARPATech, Page(s): 4-4

Contributors, Page(s): 6-6

Spectral lines: It's Not Easy Being Lean Hassler, S., Page(s): 9-9

Forum, Page(s): 10-10

Update: China Doubles Wind Watts Fairley, P., Page(s): 11-12

Update: Taiwanese Software Spots Stock-Market Stinkers, Page(s): 12-12

Update: Energy-Efficient Ethernet Patel-Predd, P., Page(s): 13-13

News brief: I See You, Page(s): 13-13

Update: A Difficult Time For Depression Devices Upson, S., Page(s): 14-14

Update: Ausra Makes Solar Thermal Simple and Cheap Perry, T.S., Page(s): 15-15

The big picture: "Super Bowl" Canceled?, Page(s): 16-17

Reflections: Zipf Drive Lucky, R.W., Page(s): 18-18

Careers: Survivor: The Office Selinger, C., Page(s): 20-20

Books: In Defense of Dumb [review of The Design of Future Things (D.A. Norman; 2007)]
Foster, K.R., Page(s): 21-21

Mini-profile: Jeannine Mosely: Paper Sculptor Karlin, S., Page(s): 21-21

Media: The Mash Monsters Roberts, A., Page(s): 22-23

Tools & toys: N800 Fights the Bad Guys Wallich, P., Page(s): 23-23

The New Economics of Semiconductor Manufacturing
Christensen, C.M.; King, S.; Verlinden, M.; Yang, W., Page(s): 24-29

Plugging Away In A Prius Voelcker, J., Page(s): 30-48

The Hunt For The Kill Switch Adee, S., Page(s): 34-39

Gordon Moore's Next Act Moore, G.E., Page(s): 40-43

the data: 37 Years of Moore's Law Adee, S. , Page(s): 56-56