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Volume: 45  Issue: 3   Date: March 2008

Table of Contents

IEEE Spectrum, Page(s): c1-c1

Table of Contents, Page(s): 1-3

Back Story, Page(s): 4-4

Contributors, Page(s): 6-6

Spectral Lines [Winged Victory: Fly-Size Wing Flapper Lifts Off] Hassler, S., Page(s): 9-9

Forum Javor, K.; Spencer, J., Pag
e(s): 10-10

The Church of Microsoft Mullins, J., Page(s): 11-12

Dust-Devil Dynamo, Page(s): 12-12

A New Light Source for EUV Lithography Das, S.R., Page(s): 14-14

Silicon SIivers for Flexible Circuits Jones, W.D., Page(s): 15-15

News Brief [EYE-PODS], Page(s): 15-15

Blu-ray's Empty Victory Cherry, S., Page(s): 16-16

The Big Picture [Eye Candy], Page(s): 18-18

Reflections [U.S. Engineers and the Flat Earth] Lucky, R.W., Page(s): 19-19

Careers [Oscar-winning Software] Karlin, S., Page(s): 21-22

Copying NASA's Mistakes (a review of Energiya-Buran: The Soviet Space Shuttle by B. Hendricks and B. Vis; 2007) [Books] Page(s): 22-22

Tools & Toys [Robotic Photographers] Wu, C., Page(s): 23-23

Invention [Software Patents 101] Teska, K., Page(s): 24-24

Fly, Robot, Fly Wood, R., Page(s): 25-29

The Lady and the Li-ion Lampe-Onnerud, C., Page(s): 30-36

Wind Power in Paradise
, Guizzo, E., Page(s): 38-45

People Who Read This Article Also Read... Linden, G., Page(s): 46-60

Electronic Noses Sniff Success Chang, J.B.; Subramanian, V., Page(s): 50-56

Supply Risk, Scarcity, and Cellphones [the data] Moore, S.K., Page(s): 76-76