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IEEE Spectrum Volume: 45  Issue: 6   Date: June 2008

Table of Contents

IEEE Spectrum, Page(s): C1-C1

Table of Contents, Page(s): 1-3

backstory: of two minds, Page(s): 4-4

Contributors Page(s): 6-6

Spectral lines: Un-assuming the singularity
Hassler, S., Page(s): 9-9

Forum, Page(s): 10-10

Update: Researchers pencil in graphene transistors Savage, N., Page(s): 13-14

Update: Open-Source Baby, Page(s): 14-14

Update: Putting wireless power to work smart sensors harvest
Upson, S., Page(s): 16-16

Update: Tata hopes its supercomputer is a money machine Singh, S., Page(s): 18-18

Update: Buckyballs to boost flash memory Anderson, M., Page(s): 20-20

News brief: Nano-pine trees, Page(s): 20-20

Update: Radiation sensor fine-tunes cancer treatments Upson, S., Page(s): 22-22

Technically speaking: Homo Nerdus Mcfedries, P., Page(s): 24-24

Careers: Denee Busby: technical actress Karlin, S., Page(s): 25-25

Mini-profile - Gordon Clapp: the voice in your computer after starring turns Karlin, S., Page(s): 25-25

How to talk like a salesman Selinger, C., and Page: 26-26

Just what do you think you're doing, Dave? [review of Digital Apollo: Human and Machine in Spaceflight (D.A. Mindell; 2008)] Anderson, M., Page(s): 26-28

If it's Tuesday, this must be Los Alamos [review of A Nuclear Family Vacation: Travels in the World of Atomic Weaponry (S. Weinberger and N. Hodge; 2008)] Adee, S., Page(s): 28-28

Invention: the pitfalls of patent searches knowing about Teska, K., Page(s): 29-29

Tools & Toys: Securing your laptop Teasley, H., Page(s): 30-30

Waiting for the rapture Page(s): 32-35

The consciousness conundrum  Horgan, J., Page(s): 36-41

Who's who in the singularity, Page(s): 42-43

Economics of the singularity Hanson, R., Page(s): 45-50

Reverse engineering the brain Adee, S., Page(s): 51-53

Can machines be conscious? Koch, C.; Tononi, G., Page(s): 55-59

Singular simplicity Nordmann, A., Page(s): 60-63

Rupturing the nanotech rapture Jones, R.A.L.,k Page(s): 64-67

I, Rodney Brooks, am a robot Brooks, R., Page(s): 68-71

Signs of the singularity Vinge, V., Page(s): 76-82

Singularity Index, Page(s): 92-92