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Spectrum, IEEE Volume: 45  Issue: 2   Date: Feb. 2008

Table of Contents

IEEE Spectrum - Feb 2008 ,Page(s): C1-C1

Contributors ,Page(s): 4-4

Back story ,Page(s): 6-6

Spectral Lines - One Format War is Over. Is another Beginning? Page(s): 9-9

Forum ,Page(s): 10-10

Untangling a New Breast Cancer Screening Technology ,Page(s): 13-14

Intel Makes A Big Jump In Computer Math , Moore, S.K.Page(s): 14-15

Reinventing the Wheel ,Page(s): 15-15

Can Wind Energy Continue Double-Digit Growth? Fairley, P.Page(s): 16-16

Microchip Enables Electronic Gene Injection ,Page(s): 17-17

Fuel from Sunshine [news brief] ,Page(s): 17-17

Brake-by-Wire Comes To Freight Trains ,Maryott, D.Page(s): 18-18

Face Facts [the big picture] ,Page(s): 20-21

Travel Tips [careers] ,Selinger, C.Page(s): 23-23

A Plug-in Motorcycle [tools & toys] ,Santo, B.; Santo, M.Page(s): 24-25

Bob Saget: Mac Nut [mini-profile] ,Karlin, S.Page(s): 24-24

Karaoke-bot [tools & toys],Page(s): 25-25

Hired to Invent [invention] ,Teska, K.Page(s): 25-26

Game of Kings [Books] ,Rajlich, V.Page(s): 26-26

Snowclone Is The New Cliche [technically speaking] ,Mcfedries, P.Page(s): 27-27

Introduction [dream jobs 2008] ,Page(s): 29-29

Sigrid Close - Star Struck [dream jobs 2008], Adee, S.Page(s): 30-31

Bruno Putzeys - The Sound of Music [dream jobs 2008] ,Zorpette, G.Page(s): 32-33

David Downey - Marathon Man [dream jobs 2008] ,Perry, T.S.Page(s): 33-35

James Brown - Above & Beyond [dream jobs 2008] ,Karlin, S.Page(s): 35-36

Steven Camilleri - Motor Maniac [dream jobs 2008] ,Upson, S.Page(s): 36-37

Roger Hill - Marches with Penguins [dream jobs 2008] ,T.S.P.Page(s): 37-39

Ney Robinson Salvi dos Reis - Into the Wild [dream jobs 2008] ,Page(s): 39-40

Ash Nehro - Everything is Illuminated [dream jobs 2008] ,Kumagai, J.Page(s): 40-42

Salinee Tavaran - Power Ranger [dream jobs 2008] ,Adams, D.Page(s): 42-43

Mark Schubin - Nights at the Opera [dream jobs 2008] ,J.K.Page(s): 43-44

Gadgets Gab at 60 Ghz ,Razavi, D.Page(s): 46-58

Across the Outback on Photon Alone ,Sandra Upson,Page(s): 50-60