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Volume: 45  Issue: 4   Date: April 2008

Table of Contents

IEEE Spectrum, Page(s): c1-c1

Table of Contents, Page(s): 1-3

Back story: A Gearhead's Motorhead, Page(s): 4-4

Contributors, Page(s): 6-6

Spectral lines: An Almost All-Electric Car? Voelcker, J., Page(s): 9-9

Forum, Page(s): 10-10

Update: New Water Technology Headed for Parched Places
, Adee, S., Page(s): 11-12

Update: What Are The Chances?, Page(s): 12-12

Update: Magnetic Field Sensors Could Help Halt Runway Crashes Dumiak, M., Page(s): 13-13

Update: Carbon-Nanotube Wiring Gets Real Patel-Predd, P., Page(s): 14-14

Update: GPS Signals Spot Signs of Typhoons DiGregorio, B.E., Page(s): 15-15

News brief: Doomsday Vault, Page(s): 15-15

Update: Standardizing the Brain-Machine Interface
Peck, M.E., Page(s): 16-16

The big picture: Gone To Pieces, Page(s): 18-19

Technically Speaking: Of Geeks, Modders, And Overclockers Mcfedries, P., Page(s): 20-20

Careers: So You Want To Be An Expert Witness, Boyell, R.L., Page(s): 22-23

Careers: An Engineer Walks Into A Comedy Club... Wu, C., Page(s): 23-23

Tools & toys: Pleo, the Poop-Free Pet Perry, T.S., Page(s): 24-24

Tools & toys: Hacking the Nokia N800 Wallich, P., Page(s): 25-25

Mini-Profile: Mike Daisey: One-Man Show Karlin, S. , Page(s): 25-25

Top 10 Tech Cars It's The Environment, Stupid Voelcker, J., Page(s): 26-35

Solar-Cell Squabble Fairley, P., Page(s): 36-40

Trapped on Technology's Edge Sandborn, P., Page(s): 42-58

Engineering the Harvard Engineer
Guizzo, E. , Page(s): 46-52

Why CPU Frequency Stalled Ross, P.E., Page(s): 72-72