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IEEE Signal Processing Magazine Volume: 25  Issue: 3   Date: 2008

Table of Contents

IEEE Signal Processing Magazine - May 2008
Page(s): C1-C1

Expanding the Scope of Signal Processing
Deng, L. Page(s): 2-4

Opening New Doors; Closing Others
Moura, J. Page(s): 6-150

Awardees and New Editors Named
Page(s): 8-16

Spoken Language Technology
Gilbert, M.; Knight, K.; Page(s): 15-16

ICASSP 2009 Taipei
Page(s): 17-17

Speech and language processing over the web
Gilbert, M.; Feng, J. Page(s): 18-28

An introduction to voice search
Ye-Yi Wang; Yu, D.; Yun-Cheng Ju Page(s): 28-38

Retrieval and browsing of spoken content
Chelba, C.; Hazen, T.J.; Saraclar, M. Page(s): 39-49

Spoken language understanding
De Mori, R.; Bechet, F.; Hakkani-Tur, D Page(s): 50-58

Speech segmentation and spoken document processing
Ostendorf, M.; Favre, B.; Grishman, R.; Hakkani-Tur, D.; Page(s): 59-69

Spoken language translation
Waibel, A.; Fugen, C.Page(s): 70-79

Recent efforts in spoken language translation
Casacuberta, F.; Federico, M.; Ney, H.; Page(s): 80-88

Multilingual spoken language processing
Fung, P.; Schultz, T. Page(s): 89-97

Auditory perception and cognition
Rungsun Munkong; Biing-Hwang Juang Page(s): 98-117

Multichannel audio rendering using amplitude panning
Pulkki, V.; Karjalainen, M. Page(s): 118-122

Seeing speech: capturing vocal tract shaping using real-time magnetic resonance imaging Bresch, E.; Yoon-Chul Kim; Nayak, K.;  Page(s): 123-132

Effective communication: tips on technical writing
Malvar, H.S. Page(s): 129-132

Rethinking biased estimation
Kay, S.; Eldar, Y.C. Page(s): 133-136

MPEG-4 high-efficiency AAC coding
Page(s): 137-142

TeachWare: Audio Resources
Page(s): 143-145

Streamlining digital signal processing: A tricks of the trade guidebook (R. Lyons, Ed.) [book review] Clark, A. Page(s): 146-147

Dates ahead
Page(s): 148-148

Speech technology and information access [In the spotlight]
Ostendorf, M. Page(s): 152-150