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IEEE Signal Processing Magazine Volume: 25  Issue: 2   Date: 2008

Table of Contents

IEEE Signal Processing Magazine [Sensing, Sampling, and Compression]
Page(s): c1-c1

From the Editor [ Periodically Reconsidering the Impossible]
Williams, D. Page(s): 2-4

President's Message [ Bring Signal Processing to the Public]
Moura, J. Page(s): 6-6

Society News [ New SPS Fellows and a Call for Nominations]
Page(s): 8-10

Call for papers
Page(s): 9-9

From the Guest Editors [ Compressive Sampling]
Baraniuk, R.G.; Candes, E.; Nowak, R Page(s): 12-13

Imaging via Compressive Sampling [Introduction to compressive sampling and recovery via convex programming] Romberg, J. Page(s): 14-20

An Introduction To Compressive Sampling [A sensing/sampling paradigm that goes against the common knowledge in data acquisition] Candes, E.J.; Page(s): 21-30

Sparse Sampling of Signal Innovations [Theory, algorithms, and performance bounds] Blu, T.; Dragotti, P.-L.; Vetterli, M Page(s): 31-40

Sampling Signals from a Union of Subspaces [A new perspective for the extension of this theory] Lu, Y.M.; Do, M.N. Page(s): 41-47

Compressive Sampling and Lossy Compression [Do random measurements provide an efficient method of representing sparse signals?] Goyal, V.K.;  Page(s): 48-56

A Tutorial on Fast Fourier Sampling [How to apply it to problems]
Gilbert, A.C.; Strauss, M.J.; Tropp, J.A. Page(s): 57-66

Compression at the Physical Interface [The A-to-I and MONTAGE programs]
Healy, D.; Brady, D.J. Page(s): 67-71

Compressed Sensing MRI [A look at how CS can improve on current imaging techniques] Lustig, M.; Donoho, D.L.; Santos, J.M Page(s): 72-82

Single-Pixel Imaging via Compressive Sampling [Building simpler, smaller, and less-expensive digital cameras] Duarte, M.F.; Davenport, M.A Page(s): 83-91

Compressed Sensing for Networked Data [A different approach to decentralized compression] Haupt, J.; Bajwa, W.U.; Rabbat, M.; Nowak, R. Page(s): 92-101

Why gaussianity[an attempt to explain this phenomenon]
Kiseon Kim; Shevlyakov, G. Page(s): 102-113

DSP Applications [Signal and Image Processing with Belief Propagation]
Schwarz, H.; Wien, M. Page(s): 114-141

Life sciences [The Physiome Projects and Multiscale Modeling]
Bassingthwaighte, J.B.; Chizeck, H.J. Page(s): 121-144

DSP Education [Effective Communication: Excellence in a Technical Presentation]
Padgett, W.T.; Yoder, M.A. Page(s): 124-127

Locality-Sensitive Hashing for Finding Nearest Neighbors
Slaney, M.; Casey, M. Page(s): 128-131

DSP Tips & Tricks [DC Blocker Algorithms]
Yates, R.; Lyons, R. Page(s): 132-134

Standards in a Nutshell [The Scalable Video Coding Extension of the H.264/AVC Standard] Schwarz, H.; Wien, M. Page(s): 135-141

Best of the web [EvalWare: Granular Computing for Web Applications]
Castillo, C.; Yao, Y. Page(s): 142-144

Las Vegas Hosts ICASSP'08
Sayed, A.H. Page(s): 145-146

Data Compression: The Complete Reference (by D. Salomon; 2007) [Book review]
Page(s): 147-149

Dates Ahead
Page(s): 148-149
Forensic Accounting and Benford's Law
Bhattacharya, S.; Kumar, K. Page(s): 152-150
Back Cover
Page(s): c4-c4