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IEEE Signal Processing Magazine Volume: 25  Issue: 4   Jul-Aug Date: 2008

Table of Contents

IEEE Signal Processing Magazine
Page(s): C1-C1

Cultural heritage: what we inherit, live with, and leave behind [from the editor]
Dumitras, A. Page(s): 2-4

Far and Near [Presiden't message]
Moura, J. Page(s): 6-6

In Memoriam
Mitra, S.K. Page(s): 8-12

Signal Processing in Visual Cultural Heritage [From the guest editor's]
Barni, M.; Beraldin, J.-A.; Lahanier, C.; Piva, A. Page(s): 10-12

Call for Papers: 2009 DSP & SPE Workshop
Page(s): 11-11

Studying That Smile
Ribe, A.; Pillay, R.; Schmitt, F.; Lahanier, C. Page(s): 14-26

Multispectral imaging of paintings
Pelagotti, A.; Mastio, A.D.; Rosa, A.D.; Piva, A. Page(s): 27-36

Image processing for artist identification
Johnson, C.R.; Hendriks, E.; Berezhnoy, I.J.; Brevdo, E Page(s): 37-48

In the name of art
Leung, H.; Wong, S.T.S.; Ip, H.H.S. Page(s): 49-54

Turning images into 3-D models
Remondino, F.; El-Hakim, S.F.; Gruen, A.; Li Zhang Page(s): 55-65

Computational reconstruction of ancient artifacts
Willis, A.R.; Cooper, D.B. Page(s): 65-83

Linear inverse problems in imaging
Ribes, A.; Schmitt, F. Page(s): 84-99

Digital Transcription of the Archimedes Palimpsest
Walvoord, D.J.; Easton, R.L. Page(s): 100-104

Effective communication: the what, why, and how of entrepreneurship
Messerschmitt, D.G.; Stuck, B. Page(s): 105-109

Wideband synthetic aperture beamforming for through-the-wall imaging
Amin, M.G.; Ahmad, F. Page(s): 110-113

Efficient Resampling Implementations
Barker, D.W. Page(s): 114-117

The DVB-H Mobile Broadcast Standard
Kornfeld, M.; Daoud, K. Page(s): 118-122

EvalWare: Virtual Reality and Visualization Resources
Jarosz, W.; Zwicker, M.; Schulze, J. Page(s): 123-127

Book Reviews
Hoggar, S.G. Page(s): 128-129

DATES ahead
Page(s): 130-130

IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing - ICASSP 2009 Tapei Page(s): 131-131

Smart Video Surveillance for Proactive Security
Hampapur, A. Page(s): 136-134