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IEEE Signal Processing Magazine Volume: 25  Issue: 1   Date: 2008

Table of Contents

Computers, Robotics, and the Human Brain [from the Editor]
Shih-Fu Chang Page(s): 2-8

Future Opportunities [President's Message]
Moura, J. Page(s): 4-4

A Look Back at Our Accomplishments [past president's message]
Hero, A. Page(s): 6-8

The Tenth IASTED International Conference on Signal and Image Processing [Call for Papers] Page(s): 7-7

Member-at-Large Election Results [Society News]
Page(s): 9-13

Top Downloads in IEEE Xplore
Page(s): 14-15

Brain-Computer Interfaces [from the guest editors]
Sajda, P.; Muller, K.-R.; Shenoy, K.V. Page(s): 16-17

Signal Processing Challenges for Neural Prostheses
Linderman, M.D.; Santhanam, G.; Kemere, C.T Page(s): 18-28

Technology and Signal Processing for Brain-Machine Interfaces
Sanchez, J.C.; Principe, J.C.; Nishida, T.; Bashirullah, R.;  Page(s): 29-40

Optimizing Spatial filters for Robust EEG Single-Trial Analysis
Blankertz, B.; Tomioka, R.; Lemm, S.; Kawanabe, M Page(s): 41-56

Ica: a potential tool for bci systems
Kachenoura, A.; Albera, L.; Senhadji, L Page(s): 57-68

Predicting Reaching Targets from Human EEG
Hammon, P.S.; Makeig, S.; Poizner, H.; Todorov, E Page(s): 69-77

State-Space Decoding of Goal-Directed Movements
Kulkarni, J.E.; Paninski, L. Page(s): 78-86

Hemodynamics for Brain-Computer Interfaces
Matthews, F.; Pearlmutter, B.A.; Ward, T.E.; Page(s): 87-94

fMRI Brain-Computer Interfaces
Sitaram, R.; Weiskopf, N.; Caria, A.; Veit, R.; Page(s): 95-106

Spatiotemporal Linear Decoding of BrainState
Parra, L.C.; Christoforou, C.; Gerson, A.D.; Dyrholm, M Page(s): 107-115

MIMO Radar with Widely Separated Antennas
Haimovich, A.M.; Blum, R.S.; Cimini, L.J. Page(s): 116-129

Robot-Vision Signal Processing Primitives
Bradski, G.; Kaehler, A. Page(s): 130-133

From Insect Sense Organs to Biomimetic Walking Robots
Delcomyn, F. Page(s): 134-137

Digital Brain Atlases for Biomedicine
Gee, J.C. Page(s): 138-141

Nonnegative Matrix and Tensor Factorization
Cichocki, A.; Zdunek, R.; Amari, S.-i. Page(s): 142-145

The OpenCable Application Platform
Gordon, A.; Hooley, D. Page(s): 146-151

Medical Imaging: Signals and Systems (Prince, J.L. and Links, J.M.; 2006) [Book Review] Prince, J.L.; Links, J.M. Page(s): 152-153

Eval Ware Signal Processing for Robotics
Papanikolopoulos, N. Page(s): 154-157

Dates ahead 2008- 2009
Page(s): 158-158

2007 Index IEEE Signal Processing Magazine Vol. 24
Page(s): 159-162

Subject Index
Page(s): 162-170

Buddha's Brain: Neuroplasticity and Meditation
Davidson, R.J.; Lutz, A. Page(s): 176-174

advertisers Index
Page(s): 175-175

Advertisement [MMIC Amplifiers]
Page(s): 178-178

Advertisement [MATLAB]
Page(s): 179-179