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IEEE Signal Processing Letters Volume: 15    Date: 2008

Table of Contents

Compression of Multidimensional Images Using JPEG2000
Lalgudi, H. G.; Bilgin, A.; Marcellin, M. W.; Nadar, M. S.Page(s): 393-396

High-Accuracy Carrier Phase Discriminator in One-Bit Quantized Software-Defined Receivers
Chang, C.-F.; Kao, M.-S.Page(s): 397-400

Pipelined Hardware Structure for Sequency-Ordered Complex Hadamard Transform
Bi, G.; Aung, A.; Ng, B. P.Page(s): 401-404

Closed-Form Expressions of the Exact Cramer¿Rao Bound for Parameter Estimation of BPSK, MSK, or QPSK Waveforms Delmas, J.-P.Page(s): 405-408

Efficient Rate Control for Lossless Mode of JPEG2000
An, J.; Cai, Z.Page(s): 409-412

A Parallel Independent Component Analysis Approach to Investigate Genomic Influence on Brain Function
Liu, J.; Demirci, O.; Calhoun, V. D. Page(s): 413-416

Spherical Microphone Array Beam Steering Using Wigner-D Weighting
Rafaely, B.; Kleider, M.Page(s): 417-420

Nonregenerative MIMO Relaying With Optimal Transmit Antenna Selection
Peters, S. W.; Heath, Jr., R. W.Page(s): 421-424

A Hierarchical Approach for Banknote Image Processing Using Homogeneity and FFD Model
Jin, Y.; Song, L.; Tang, X. L.; Du, M.Page(s): 425-428

Speech Bandwidth Extension Using Temporal Envelope Modeling
Kim, K.-T.; Lee, M.-K.; Kang, H.-G.Page(s): 429-432

A Pitch-Synchronous Extension of Fractal Additive Synthesis via Time-Varying Cosine Modulated Filter Banks Polotti, P.Page(s): 433-436

Design of Halfband Filters for Orthogonal Wavelets via Sum of Squares Decomposition
Yu, R.; Baradarani, A.Page(s): 437-440

Analysis and Realization of an Exponentially-Decaying Impulse Response Model for Frequency-Selective Fading Channels Morgan, D. R.Page(s): 441-444

Performance Analysis of MIMO-MRC Systems With Channel Estimation Error in the Presence of Cochannel Interferences Ahn, K. S.Page(s): 445-448

Comments on ¿Discrete Frequency-Coding Waveform Design for Netted Radar Systems¿
Liu, B.; He, Z.Page(s): 449-451

Reply to ¿Comments on `Discrete Frequency-Coding Waveform Design for Netted Radar Systems'¿
Deng, H. Page(s): 452-452

On the Hybrid Cramér Rao Bound and Its Application to Dynamical Phase Estimation
Bay, S.; Geller, B.; Renaux, A.; Barbot, J.-P.; Brossier, J.-M.Page(s): 453-456

Prolate Filters for Nonadaptive Multitaper Spectral Estimators With High Spectral DynamicRange
Farhang-Boroujeny, B.Page(s): 457-460

Exploiting Conjugate Symmetry of the Short-Time Fourier Spectrum for Speech Enhancement
Wojcicki, K.; Milacic, M.; Stark, A.; Lyons, J.; Paliwal, K.Page(s): 461-464

Explicit Expressions of Balanced Realizations of Second-Order Digital Filters With Real Poles
Yamaki, S.; Abe, M.; Kawamata, M.Page(s): 465-468

Block Convolution Using Discrete Trigonometric Transforms and Discrete Fourier Transform
Suresh, K.; Sreenivas, T. V.Page(s): 469-472

Performance Analysis of Universal Distributed Estimation in Bandwidth-Constrained Sensor Networks
Zhang, L.; Zhang, X.-D.; Gao, Q.Page(s): 473-476

Perceptually Motivated Audio Equalization Using Fixed-Pole Parallel Second-Order Filters
Bank, B. Page(s): 477-480

Regression Using Multikernel and Semiparametric Support Vector Algorithms
Nguyen, C.-V.; Tay, D. B. H.Page(s): 481-484