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IEEE Signal Processing Letters Volume: 15    Date: 2008

Table of Contents

Novel Joint Sorting and Reduction Technique for Delay-Constrained LLL-Aided MIMO Detection
Gan, Y. H.; Mow, W. H.Page(s): 194-197

On the Improvement of Support Vector Techniques for Clustering by Means of Whitening Transform
Zafeiriou, S.; Laskaris, N.Page(s): 198-201

Semi-blind Joint Maximum Likelihood Channel Estimation and Data Detection for MIMO Systems
Abuthinien, M.; Chen, S.; Hanzo, L.Page(s): 202-205

A Computationally Efficient DFT Scheme for Applications With a Subset of Nonzero Inputs
Huang, W.-C.; Li, C.-P.; Li, H.-J.Page(s): 206-208

Information Distance-Based Subvector Clustering for ASR Parameter Quantization
Jung, G. J.; Oh, Y.-H.Page(s): 209-212

On the Estimation of Complex Speech DFT Coefficients Without Assuming Independent Real and Imaginary Parts Erkelens, J. S.; Hendriks, R. C.; Heusdens, R.Page(s): 213-216

New Design of Robust H∞ Filters for 2-D Systems Gao, H.; Meng, X.; Chen, T.Page(s): 217-220

Analytical Expression for Impulse Response Between Two Nodes in 2-D Rectangular Digital Waveguide Mesh Chen, Z.; Maher, R. C.Page(s): 221-224

Improving Robustness in Frequency Warping-Based Speaker Normalization
Rose, R. C.; Miguel, A.; Keyvani, A.Page(s): 225-228

Adaptive Flattening for Multidimensional Image RestorationLetexier, D.; Bourennane, S.Page(s): 229-232

Adaptive Nonseparable Interpolation for Image Compression With Directional Wavelet Transform
Dong, W.; Shi, G.; Xu, J.Page(s): 233-236

Analysis of the LAD Methods Lehtomaki, J. J.; Vartiainen, J.; Juntti, M.; Saarnisaari, H.Page(s): 237-240

Measurement and Reconstruction of Impulse Train by Parallel Exponential Filters
Olkkonen, H.; Olkkonen, J. T.Page(s): 241-244

Acoustic-Articulatory Modeling With the Trajectory HMM Zhang, L.; Renals, S.Page(s): 245-248

Selection of Long-Term Reference Frames in Dual-Frame Video Coding Using Simulated Annealing
Tiwari, M.; Cosman, P. C.Page(s): 249-252

A Semidefinite Programming Approach to Source Localization in Wireless Sensor Networks
Meng, C.; Ding, Z.; Dasgupta, S.Page(s): 253-256

Voice Activity Detection Based on Conditional MAP Criterion Shin, J. W.; Kwon, H. J.; Jin, S. H.; Kim, N. S.Page(s): 257-260

Bayesian Estimation of Bessel K Form Random Vectors in AWGN Khazron, P. A.; Selesnick, I. W.Page(s): 261-264

Energy-Efficient Distributed Detection Via Multihop Transmission in Sensor Networks
Li, W.; Dai, H.Page(s): 265-268

Through-Wall Imaging With a 3-D UWB SAR Algorithm Hantscher, S.; Reisenzahn, A.; Diskus, C. G.Page(s): 269-272

Robust CDMA Multiuser Detectors: Probability-Constrained Versus the Worst-Case-Based Design
Vorobyov, S. A.Page(s): 273-276

Reduced Complexity Solution for Weight Extraction in QRD-LSL Algorithms
Shoaib, M.; Werner, S.; Apolinrio Jr., J. A.Page(s): 277-280

Blur Identification and Image Super-Resolution Reconstruction Using an Approach Similar to Variable Projection Yang, H.; Gao, J.; Wu, Z. Page(s): 289-292