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IEEE Signal Processing Letters Volume: 15    Date: 2008

Table of Contents

On the Design of FIR Wavelet Filter Banks Using Factorization of a Halfband Polynomial
Patil, B. D.; Patwardhan, P. G.; Gadre, V. M. Page(s): 485-488

Gradient-Adaptive Normalized Convolution
Argyriou, V.; Vlachos, T.; Piroddi, R. Page(s): 489-492

Steganalysis of Multiple-Base Notational System Steganography
Li, B.; Fang, Y.; Huang, J. Page(s): 493-496

Spatiotemporal Smooth Models for Moving Object Detection
Yang, H.; Tian, J.; Chu, Y.; Tang, Q.; Liu, J. Page(s): 497-500

A Contrast for Independent Component Analysis With Priors on the Source Kurtosis Signs
Zarzoso, V.; Phlypo, R.; Comon, P. Page(s): 501-504

Bounds on the Volume and Height Distributions for the MIMO Radar Ambiguity Function
Abramovich, Y. I.; Frazer, G. J. Page(s): 505-508

Video Synthesis From Still Images Using 3-D Flow Models
Zhao, Y.; Liu, Y. Page(s): 509-512

Minimum Spanning Circle Method for Using Spare Subcarriers in PAPR Reduction of OFDM Systems
Liu, S.; Zeng, Y.; Hu, B. Page(s): 513-516

Optimal Gains of FIR Estimators for a Class of Discrete-Time State¿Space Models
Shmaliy, Y. S. Page(s): 517-520

Robust Fundamental Frequency Estimation Combining Contrast Enhancement and Feature Unbiasing
Lee, J.; Lee, S.-Y. Page(s): 521-524

Iterative Multiuser Detection for Single-Carrier Transmission With SFBC
Lim, J.-B.; Choi, C.-H.; Lim, H.-J.; Im, G.-H. Page(s): 525-528

A Blind Fine CFO Synchronization for UWB-OFDM
You, Y.-H.; Kim, J.-H.; Song, H.-K. Page(s): 529-532

Function-Based Network Lifetime for Estimation in Wireless Sensor Networks
Li, J.; AlRegib, G. Page(s): 533-536

Pose Invariant Face Recognition Using Probability Distribution Functions in Different Color Channels
Demirel, H.; Anbarjafari, G. Page(s): 537-540

On the Correlated $K$ -Distribution With Arbitrary Fading Parameters
Bithas, P. S.; Sagias, N. C.; Mathiopoulos, P. T.; Page(s): 541-544

Power Loading Using Order Mapping in OFDM Systems With Limited Feedback
Choi, E. H.; Choi, W.; Andrews, J. G.; Womack, B. F. Page(s): 545-548

A Cooperative MMSE Relay Strategy for Wireless Sensor Networks
Krishna, R.; Xiong, Z.; Lambotharan, S. Page(s): 549-552