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IEEE Signal Processing Letters Volume: 15    Date: 2008

Table of Contents

A Linear Closed-Form Algorithm for Source Localization From Time-Differences of Arrival
Gillette, M. D.; Silverman, H. F.Page(s): 1-4
Variable Step-Size NLMS Algorithm for Under-Modeling Acoustic Echo Cancellation
Paleologu, C.; Ciochina, S.; Benesty, J.Page(s): 5-8
On the Accuracy of First-Order Numerical Derivatives in Multidimensional Digital Waveguide Mesh Topologies Hacihabiboglu, H.; Gunel, B.; Kondoz, A. M.Page(s): 9-12
Asymptotic Formulas for Mismatched Fixed-Rate Minimum MSE Laplacian Quantizers Na, S.   13-16

Variable Dimension Trellis-Coded Quantization of Sinusoidal Parameters
Larsen, M. H.; Christensen, M. G.; Jensen, S. H.Page(s): 17-20
Slepian-Based Two-Dimensional Estimation of Time-Frequency Variant MIMO-OFDM Channels
Salvo Rossi, P.; Muller, R. R.Page(s): 21-24
Low-Complexity Iterative Detection in Multi-User MIMO ISI Channels
Yuan, X.; Guo, Q.; Ping, L.Page(s): 25-28
A Particle Swarm Optimization-Based Multiuser Detection for Receive-Diversity-Aided STBC Systems Liu, H.; Li, J.Page(s): 29-32
Energy-Constrained Decentralized Best-Linear-Unbiased Estimation via Partial Sensor Noise Variance Knowledge Wu, J.-Y.; Huang, Q.-Z.; Lee, T.-S.Page(s): 33-36
A Simple Characterization of Strategic Behaviors in Broadcast Channels
Su, Y.; van der Schaar, M.Page(s): 37-40

Outage Analysis of Decode-and-Forward Relaying Over Nakagami- m Fading Channels Datsikas, C. K.; Sagias, N. C.; Lazarakis, F. I.; Tombras, Page(s): 41-44
A New Incremental Optimization Algorithm for ML-Based Source Localization in Sensor Networks
Shi, Q.; He, C.Page(s): 45-48
Frequency-Domain Steiglitz¿McBride Method for Least-Squares IIR Filter Design, ARMA Modeling, and Periodogram Smoothing Jackson, L. B.Page(s): 49-52
Partial Specification Frequency-Domain Least-Squares Filter Design and System Identification
Moon, T. K.; Gunther, J. H.Page(s): 53-56
Daubechies Wavelets as Approximate Hilbert-Pairs? Tay, D. B. H.Page(s): 57-60
A Note on Image Restoration Using Cp and MSE Seghouane, A.-K.Page(s): 61-64
Variational Models for Fusion and Denoising of Multifocus Images
Wang, W.-W.; Shui, P.-L.; Feng, X.-C.Page(s): 65-68
SPECK-Based Lossless Multispectral Image Coding Khelifi, F.; Kurugollu, F.; Bouridane, Page(s): 69-72
On The Positive Definiteness of Polarity Coincidence Correlation Coefficient Matrix
Haddadi, F.; Nayebi, M. M.; Aref, M. R.Page(s): 73-76
On the Security of a Cryptosystem Based on Multiple-Parameters Discrete Fractional Fourier Transform Youssef, A. M.Page(s): 77-78
Second-Order Blind Signal Separation for Convolutive Mixtures Using Conjugate Gradient
Dam, H. H.; Cantoni, A.; Nordholm, S.; Teo, K. L.Page(s): 79-82
Predicted Detection Performance of MIMO Radar Du, C.; Thompson, J. S.; Petillot, Y.Page(s): 83-86
Improved Particle Filtering-Based Estimation of the Number of Competing Stations in IEEE 802.11 Networks ,im, J.-S.; Serpedin, E.; Shin, D.-R.Page(s): 87-90
Switched Conditional PDF-Based Split VQ Using Gaussian Mixture Model
Chatterjee, S.; Sreenivas, T. V.Page(s): 91-94
A Probabilistic Combination Method of Minimum Statistics and Soft Decision for Robust Noise Power Estimation in Speech Enhancement Park, Y.-S.; Chang, J.-H.Page(s): 95-98