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IEEE Signal Processing Letters Volume: 15    Date: 2008

Table of Contents

A Levinson Algorithm Based on an Isometric Transformation of Durbin's
Ramrez, M. A. Page(s): 99-102
Analysis and Improvement of Speech/Music Classification for 3GPP2 SMV Based on GMM
Song, J.-H.; Lee, K.-H.; Chang, J.-H.; Kim, J. K.; Kim, N. S. Page(s): 103-106
Two Ways to Simulate a Rayleigh Fading Channel Based on a Stochastic Sinusoidal Model
Grolleau, J.; Grivel, E.; Najim, M. Page(s): 107-110
Comments on ¿Design of an Optimal Two-Channel Orthogonal Filterbank Using Semidefinite Programming¿Dumitrescu, B. Page(s): 111-111
Block-Coded Modulation and Noncoherent Detection for Impulse Radio UWB
Ying, Y.; Ghogho, M.; Swami, A. Page(s): 112-115
Fast M -Term Pursuit for Sparse Image Representation Gan, T.; He, Y.; Zhu, W.Page(s): 116-119
Maximum Position Alignment Method for Noisy High-Resolution Radar Target Classification
Gil-Pita, R.; Rosa-Zurera, M.; Vicen-Bueno, R.; Lopez Ferreras, F. Page(s): 120-123
Use of Independent Component Analysis to Reduce Motion Artifact in Pulse Transit Time Measurement
Foo, J. Y. A.Page(s): 124-126
An Algorithm for Fitting 2-D Data on the Circle: Applications to Mobile Robotics
Nunez, P.; Vazquez-Martin, R.; Bandera, A.; Sandoval, F.Page(s): 127-130
Discovering Phone Patterns in Spoken Utterances by Non-Negative Matrix Factorization
Stouten, V.; Demuynck, K.; Van hamme, H. Page(s): 131-134
Online Estimation of Minimum Sizes of 2-D FIR Frequency-Selective Filters With Magnitude Constraints
Lai, X. Page(s): 135-138
A New Interscale and Intrascale Orthonormal Wavelet Thresholding for SURE-Based Image Denoising
Yan, F.; Cheng, L.; Peng, S. Page(s): 139-142
Improved Block Motion Estimation Using Block Frequency Warping
Akbulut, O.; Urhan, O.; Erturk, S. Page(s): 143-145
Optimization of Symmetric Self-Hilbertian Filters for the Dual-Tree Complex Wavelet Transform
Dumitrescu, B.; Bayram, I.; Selesnick, I. W. Page(s): 146-149
Multiple Access With Energy Spreading Transform Hwang, T.Page(s): 150-153
A Simple and Accurate Algorithm for Barycentric Rational Interpolation Knockaert, L.Page(s): 154-157
Maximum a Posteriori Noise Log-Spectral Estimation Based on First-Order Vector Taylor Series Expansion
Ding, G.-H.Page(s): 158-161
Maximum a Posteriori Adaptation of the Centroid Model for Speaker Verification
Hautamki, V.; Kinnunen, T.; Krkkinen, I.; Saastamoinen, J.; Tuononen, M.; Frnti, P.Page(s): 162-165
Predicting VQ Performance Bound for LSF Coding Chatterjee, S.; Sreenivas, T. V.Page(s): 166-169
Discriminative Weight Training for a Statistical Model-Based Voice Activity Detection
Kang, S.-I.; Jo, Q-H.; Chang, J.-H. Page(s): 170-173
Joint Dimension Assignment and Compression for Distributed Multisensor Estimation
Fang, J.; Li, H.Page(s): 174-177
Locally Adaptive Passive Error Concealment for Wavelet Coded Images
Rombaut, J.; Pizurica, A.; Philips, W.Page(s): 178-181
A New Model for Image Segmentation Du, X.; Bui, T. D.Page(s): 182-185
Independent Gabor Analysis of Multiscale Total Variation-Based Quotient Image
An, G.; Wu, J.; Ruan, Q. Page(s): 186-189
Bounds on the Degree of Impropriety of Complex Random Vectors Schreier, P. J.Page(s): 190-193