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IEEE Signal Processing Letters Volume: 15    Date: 2008

Table of Contents

Parallelizing the Hough Transform Computation
Satzoda, R. K.; Suchitra, S.; Srikanthan, T. Page(s): 297-300

Iterative Multiuser Minimum Symbol Error Rate Beamforming Aided QAM Receiver
Tan, S.; Chen, S.; Hanzo, L.Page(s): 301-304

Noise Robust Multichannel Frequency-Domain LMS Algorithms for Blind Channel Identification
Haque, M. A.; Hasan, M. K.Page(s): 305-308

Instantaneous Frequency Estimation Using the S -Transform
Sejdic, E.; Stankovic, L.; Dakovic, M.; Jiang, J.Page(s): 309-312

The Statistical Behavior of Phase Error for Deficient-Order Secondary Path Modeling
Wu, M.; Qiu, X.; Chen, G.Page(s): 313-316

Regularized Spectral Matched Filter for Target Recognition in Hyperspectral Imagery
Nasrabadi, N. M.Page(s): 317-320

Frequency Implementation of the Euler¿Lagrange Equations for Variational Image Registration
Verdu-Monedero, R.; Larrey-Ruiz, J.; Morales-Sanchez, J.Page(s): 321-324

A Bias-Compensated Identification Approach for Noisy FIR Models Diversi, R.Page(s): 325-328

Improving the Performance of Multiple Description Coding Based on Scalar Quantization
Tillo, T.; Olmo, G.Page(s): 329-332

Efficient Macroblock Mode Derivation in ESS Based on Local Characteristics of Video Objects
Cui, Y.; Cai, A.Page(s): 333-336

Improved Proportionate Subband NLMS for Acoustic Echo Cancellation in Changing Environments
Laska, B. N. M.; Goubran, R. A.; Bolic, M.Page(s): 337-340

Construction of Optimal Mismatched Periodic Sequence Sets With Zero Correlation Zone
Trinh, Q. K.; Fan, P.; Peng, D.; Darnell, M.Page(s): 341-344

On the Existence of Complete Order-One Lattice for Linear Phase Perfect Reconstruction Filter Banks
Xu, Z.; Makur, A.Page(s): 345-348

Optimal Delay Estimation for Phase-Rotated Linearly Interpolative Channel Estimation in OFDM and OFDMA Systems Hung, K.-C.; Lin, D. W.Page(s): 349-352

Angular Parameterization of Real Paraunitary Matrices Pinchon, D.; Siohan, P.Page(s): 353-356

Statistical Analysis of a Spike Train Distance in Poisson Models Tomas, P.; Sousa, L.Page(s): 357-360

Uncorrelated Discriminant Locality Preserving Projections Yu, X.; Wang, X.Page(s): 361-364

Generalization of the Fractional Hilbert Transform Tao, R.; Li, X.-M.; Wang, Y.Page(s): 365-368

Fast Principal Component Extraction Using Givens Rotations Bartelmaos, S.; Abed-Meraim, Page(s): 369-372

Frame Complexity-Based Rate-Quantization Model for H.264/AVC Intraframe Rate Control
Jing, X.; Chau, L.-P.; Siu, W.-C.Page(s): 373-376

Generalized Pairwise Z-Complementary Codes Feng, L.; Fan, P.; Tang, X.; Loo, K.-K.Page(s): 377-380

An Algorithm for Positioning Relays and Point Scatterers in Wireless Systems Rydstrom, M.; Strom, E. G.; vensson, A.; Reggiani, L.Page(s): 381-384

Coincidence of the Rao Test, Wald Test, and GLRT in Partially Homogeneous Environment
De Maio, A.; Iommelli, S.Page(s): 385-388

New Virtual SPIHT Tree Structures for Very Low Memory Strip-Based Image Compression
Chew, L. W.; Ang, L.-M.; Seng, K. P.Page(s): 389-392