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IEEE MicroWave Magazine Volume: 9  Issue: 3   Date: June. 2008

Table Of Contents

IEEE Microwave Magazine , Page(s): c1-c1

From the editor's desk: microwave measurements come home
Remley, K.A.; Wilker, C. , Page(s): 6-8

President's column: facing grade inflation in engineering education
Modelski, J.W. , Page(s): 10-14

Enigmas, etc , Page(s): 14-14

Wireless investor: the credit crunch: part II Blakey, P. , Page(s): 18-28

Microwave surfing: the IMS quiz Bansal, R. , Page(s): 30-31

Microwave bytes: bangers and mash Cripps, S.C. , Page(s): 36-46

Health effects: studies on tumor incidence in mice exposed to GSM cell-phone radiation
Lin, J.C. , Page(s): 48-54

Multiport VNA measurement
Ruttan, T.G.; Grossman, B.; Ferrero, A.; Teppati, V.; Martens, J. , Page(s): 56-69

Introduction to measurements for power transistor characterization
De Groote, F.; Teyssier, J.-P.; Gasseling, T.; Jardel, O.; Verspecht , Page(s): 70-85

VNA calibration Rumiantsev, A.; Ridler, N. , Page(s): 86-99

Measurement of microwave behavior in optical links Iezekiel, S. , Page(s): 100-120

Application notes: multisine signals for wireless system test and design
Carvalho, N.B.; Remley, K.A.; Schreurs, D.; Gard, K.G. , Page(s): 122-138

Application notes: 1-W high linear broadband RF power amplifier with Certesian feedback for TETRA modulation
Narendra, K.; Anand, L.; Sangaran, P , Page(s): 140-147

Reverberations: peacetime radio astronomical measurements using World War II radio equiptment Stitzer, S.N. , Page(s): 148-153

Educational news Walker, D. , Page(s): 152-153

Attention students Kaul, R. , Page(s): 153-153

Modeling and characterization of RF and microwave power FETs [book review]
Riddle, A. , Page(s): 154-156

Fundamentals of engineering electromagnetics[book review]
Nan-Wei Che , Page(s): 156-156

Recently published books Gupta, M.S. , Page(s): 158-158

Member benefits: International Microwave Symposium Workshops
Wartenberg, S.; Wilker, C. , Page(s): 160-171

MTT society news: another year of great success for the IEEE Radio and Wireless Symposium and IEEE WAMICON Fathy, A.E., Page(s): 162-168

MP Associates inc. named as exhibition manager for IMS 2009-2011
, Page(s): 168-168

SIRF 2009 , Page(s): 165-165

IEEE Radio & Wireless Symposium: call for papers , Page(s): 167-167

MWP 2008 first call for papers , Page(s): 169-169

MTT-S ombudsman , Niehenke, E.C. , Page(s): 170-171

ARFTG 72nd Microwave Measurement Symposium first call for papers
Page(s): 175-175

2008 IEEE Compound Semiconductor IC Symposium first call for papers
Page(s): 177-177

Student crossword puzzle competition

Page(s): 182-182

Outside the bandwidth: cautiously coupling cavity
Gupta, M.S. , Page(s): 184-184