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IEEE MicroWave Magazine Volume: 9  Issue: 2   Date: April. 2008

Table Of Contents

IEEE Microwave Magazine
Page(s): C1-C1

The OESAT Postulate [From the Editor's Desk] Golio, M. , Page(s): 6-8

China challenge (President's column) Modelski, J. , Page(s): 10-14

And there's more ... Backscatter Tsitsos, S. , Page(s): 18-18

Publishing Operation of IEEE – Backscatter Gupta, M.S. , Page(s): 18-20

Enigmas, etc. , Page(s): 20-20

The Credit Crunch: Part I [Wireless Investor] Blakey, P. , Page(s): 22-30

Electronic Countermeasures [Microwave Surfing] Bansal, R. , Page(s): 28-30

Errata , Page(s): 32-32

What Really Matters in the Microwave Business: Lessons to Learn [MicroBusiness]

Snyder, V.S. , Page(s): 32-33

Symbolic Twilight Cripps, S.C. Page(s): 36-46

HBT Modeling Mcmacken, J.; Nedeljkovic, S.; Gering, J.; Halchin, D. , Page(s): 48-71

Practical Magic Sweeney, R. , Page(s): 73-82

Be flexible Maurer, L.; Stuhlberger, R.; Wicpalek, C.; Haberpeuntner, G.; Hueber, G.
Page(s): 83-95

Ultrabroadband and compact power dividers/combiners on gallium arsenide substrate Bahl, I.J. , Page(s): 96-104

Book/software reviews Riddle, A.; Nan-Wei Chen ,Page(s): 102-104

A GaN HEMT amplifier with 6-W output power and >85% power-added efficiency
Boers, M.; Parker, A.; Weste, N. , Page(s): 106-110

2007 Meeting of the Region 8 MTT-S Chapter Chairs
Machac, J.; Pasquet, D. , Page(s): 112-117

TELSIKS 2007: Eighth International Conference on Telecommunications in Modern Satellite, Cable, and Broadcasting Services Milovanovic, B., Page: 118-120

MTT-S Ombudsman Niehenke, E.C. , Page(s): 122-123

In Memory of Jan Zehentner Perlman, B. , Page(s): 124-125

New Products Patterson, H., Page(s): 126-130

Conference Calendar , Page(s): 132-132

Fiesty Charges Charm Fields Gupta, M.S. , Page(s): 136-136