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IEEE MicroWave Magazine Volume: 9  Issue: 4   Date: Jul-Aug. 2008

Table Of Contents

IEEE Microwave Magazine - Aug. 2008
Page(s): c1-c1

Convergence and competition on the way toward 4G [From the Editor's Desk]
Ivanek, F. Page(s): 6-14

Microwaves now! [President's Column]
Modelski, J.W. Page(s): 16-18

Levy, R. Page(s): 22-22

Student Crossword Puzzle Competition
Page(s): 22-22

A time to reap ...[Wireless Investor]
Blakey, P. Page(s): 24-32

DRM [Microwave Surfing]
Bansal, R. Page(s): 34-147

Mobile WiMAX to become real in Japan [MicroBusiness]
Nohara, M. Page(s): 36-42

Trapwave Inc. [Microwave Bytes]
Cripps, S.C. Page(s): 46-51

Emerging Devices and Packaging Technologies
Page(s): 51-51

3G evolution
Chia, S.; Gill, T.; Ibbetson, L.; Lister, D.; Pollard, A.; Page(s): 52-63

True broadband multimedia experience
Tong, W.; Sich, E.; Zhu, P.; Costa, J.M. Page(s): 64-71

The evolution of WirelessMAN
Marks, R.B.; Costa, J.M.; Kiernan, B.G. Page(s): 72-79

Roadmap of IMT-advanced development
Hashimoto, A.; Yoshino, H.; Atarashi, H. Page(s): 80-88

Physical relationships
Cox, D.C.; Lee, H. Page(s): 89-94

Fine-tuning commercial and military radio design
Perlman, B.; Laskar, J.; Lim, K. Page(s): 95-106

Call for Papers MWP 2008 + APMP 2008
Page(s): 107-107

A carrier-guide wireless LAN network implementation [Application Notes]
Adler, A.; Salhov, M. Page(s): 108-119

2008 IEEE Bipolar/BICMOS Circuits and Technology Meeting BCTM
Page(s): 117-117

Coplanar waveguide basics for MMIC and PCB design
Deal, W.R. Page(s): 120-133

Jitter at High Speed (review of "Jitter, Noise, and Signal Integrity at High-Speed" by Mike Peng Li) [Book Reviews]
Riddle, A. Page(s): 128-129

Radar Revisited (review of "Radar Handbook, 3rd ed." by Merrill Skolnik) [Book Reviews]
Gupta, M. Page(s): 129-130

Recently Published Books
Page(s): 130-130

Technical Committees [Member Benefits]
Schindler, F. Page(s): 131-132

Feeling uncertain about uncertainty? [Member Benefits]
Ridler, N.; Lee, Y.-S.; Blackham, D. Page(s): 132-133

IEEE 2008 MTT Society Awards [Awards]
Page(s): 134-140

IEEE MTT-S International Microwave Workshop Series (IMWS) on Art of Miniaturizing RF and Microwave Passive Components - Call for Papers Page(s): 141-141

MTT-S Ombudsman
Niehenke, E.C. Page(s): 142-143

New Products
Patterson, H. Page(s): 144-147

Conference Calendar (2008-2009)
Page(s): 148-148

IEEE Wireless and Microwave Technology Conference WAMICON 2009
Page(s): 150-150

Dynamism drained by dispersion, a TechnoLimerick [Outside the Bandwith]
Gupta, M.S. Page(s): 152-152