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IEEE Micro May-June 2008 Volume: 28  Issue: 3   Date: May-June 2008


Table Of Contents

Front Cover  Page(s): c1-c1

Table of Contents Page(s): c2-c2

Masthead  Page(s): 1-1

Guest Editors' Introduction: Interaction of Many-Core Computer Architecture and Operating Systems
Cho, Sangyeun; Li, Tao; Mutlu, Onur. Page(s): 2-5

Multicore Resource Management
Nesbit, Kyle J.; Moreto, Miquel; Cazorla, Francisco J.; Ramirez, Alex; Valero, Mateo; Page(s): 6-16

The Impact of Dynamically Heterogeneous Multicore Processors on Thread Scheduling
Bower, Fred A.; Sorin, Daniel J.; Cox, Landon P. Page(s): 17-25

Using Asymmetric Single-ISA CMPs to Save Energy on Operating Systems
Mogul, Jeffrey C.; Mudigonda, Jayaram; Binkert, Nathan; Ranganathan, Parthasarathy; Page(s): 26-41

System-Level Performance Metrics for Multiprogram Workloads
Eyerman, Stijn; Eeckhout, Lieven. Page(s): 42-53

Using OS Observations to Improve Performance in Multicore Systems
Knauerhase, Rob; Brett, Paul; Hohlt, Barbara; Li, Tong; Hahn, Scott. Page(s): 54-66

IEEE CS Membership Application   Page(s): 67-69

AAI Asks FTC to Investigate RAND Issues Concerning Digital TV Standard     Stern, Richard. Page(s): 72-71