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IEEE Micro March/April 2008 (Vol. 28, No. 2) ISSN: 0272-1732  


Table Of Contents

Micro Economics
The Long Arc Behind Bill Gates' Wealth, Part 2 Shane Greenstein, pp. 2-5

Guest Editors' Introduction: Hot Chips 19 Raj Amirtharajah, pp. 7-9

Northbridge Architecture of AMD's Griffin Microprocessor Family Jonathan Owen, pp. 10-18

IBM z10: The Next-Generation Mainframe Microprocessor Charles F. Webb, IBM pp. 19-29

Fault-Tolerant Design of the IBM Power6 Microprocessor  Kevin Reick  pp. 30-38

NVIDIA Tesla: A Unified Graphics and Computing Architecture Erik Lindholm, NVIDIA pp. 39-55

A 4-Gbps Uncompressed Wireless HD A/V Transceiver Chipset Jeffrey M. Gilbert, SiBEAM pp. 56-64

Micro Law
FTC Sues N-Data for Violating Standards Commitment to IEEE  Richard Stern pp. 66-69

Micro Review
The Paradigms, They Are A-Changin' Richard Mateosian pp. 72, 70-71