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IEEE Micro July/August 2008 (Vol. 28, No. 4) ISSN: 0272-1732


Table Of Contents

Front Cover p. c1

call-for-papers  p. c2

Voting and Economic Asymmetry Shane Greenstein pp. 2-3

Accelerator Architectures Sanjay Patel,  pp. 4-12

Parallel Computing Experiences with CUDA Michael Garland, pp. 13-27

POD: A 3D-Integrated Broad-Purpose Acceleration Layer Dong Hyuk Woo, pp. 28-40

A Coarse-Grained Array Accelerator for Software-Defined Radio Baseband Processing
Bruno Bougard, IMEC pp. 41-50

On-Chip Memory System Optimization Design for the FT64 Scientific Stream Accelerator Mei Wen,  pp. 51-70

ImplantBench: Characterizing and Projecting Representative Benchmarks for Emerging Bioimplantable Computing Zhanpeng Jin, pp. 71-91

What Kinds of Computer-Software-Related Advances (if Any) Are Eligible for Patents? Part I ,Richard Stern pp. 96, 91-95