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IEEE Journal On Slected Area Communication Volume: 26  Issue: 7   Date: Sep. 2008

Table Of Contents

IEEE Communications Society - Editorial Board

Page(s): ii-ii

Game Theory Applied to Computer and Communication Systems [Foreword]
Page(s): 1041-1041

Game Theory in Communication Systems [Guest Editorial]
Mandayam, N.B.; Editor, G.; Wicker, S.B Page(s): 1042-1046

Non-Atomic Games for Multi-User Systems
Bonneau, N.; Debbah, M Page(s): 1047-1058

Competition Versus Cooperation on the MISO Interference Channel
Larsson, E.; Jorswieck, E. Page(s): 1059-1069

Rate-Based Equilibria in Collision Channels with Fading
Menache, I.; Shimkin, N. Page(s): 1070-1077

Cooperative Game Theory and the Gaussian Interference Channel
Leshem, A.; Zehavi, E. Page(s): 1078-1088

Competitive Design of Multiuser MIMO Systems Based on Game Theory: A Unified View
Scutari, G.; Palomar, D.; Barbarossa, S. Page(s): 1089-1103

Coalitions in Cooperative Wireless Networks
Mathur, S.; Sankar, L.; Mandayam, N.B. Page(s): 1104-1115

A Game-Theoretic Framework for Medium Access Control
Tao Cui; Lijun Chen; Low, S. Page(s): 1116-1127

A Game Theoretic Framework of Distributed Power and Rate Control in IEEE 802.11 WLANs
Lin Chen; Leneutre, J. Page(s): 1128-1137

Design of an Optimal Bayesian Incentive Compatible Broadcast Protocol for Ad Hoc Networks with
Suri, N.R.; Narahari, Y. Page(s): 1138-1148

Joint Channel and Power Allocation in Wireless Mesh Networks: A Game Theoretical Perspective
Yang Song; Chi Zhang; Yuguang Fang Page(s): 1149-1159

Correlated Anarchy in Overlapping Wireless Networks
Mertikopoulos, P.; Moustakas, A. Page(s): 1160-1169

Optimality and Complexity of Pure Nash Equilibria in the Coverage Game
Xin Ai; Srinivasan, V.; Chen-khong Tham Page(s): 1170-1182

Optimal Competitive Algorithms for Opportunistic Spectrum Access
Chang, N.B.; Mingyan Liu Page(s): 1183-1192

Sequential Bandwidth and Power Auctions for Distributed Spectrum Sharing
Bae, J.; Beigman, E.; Berry, R.;  Page(s): 1193-1203

A Game Theoretical Framework for Dynamic Pricing-Based Routing in Self-Organized MANETs
Zhu Ji; Wei Yu; Ray Liu, K.J. Page(s): 1204-1217

Adaptive Routing Strategies in IEEE 802.16 Multi-Hop Wireless Backhaul Networks Based On Evolutionary
Anastasopoulos, M.P.; Arapoglou, P.-D.M Page(s): 1218-1225

Auction-Based Resource Allocation for Cooperative Communications
Jianwei Huang; Zhu Han; Mung Chiang; Poor, H.V. Page(s): 1226-1237

Designing Multicast Protocols for Non-Cooperative Networks
Weizhao Wang; Xiang-Yang Li; Yu Wang Page(s): 1238-1249

A Game-Theoretical Study of Robust Networked Systems
Chi-Kin Chau Page(s): 1250-1259

Inefficient Noncooperation in Networking Games of Common-Pool Resources
Kameda, H.; Altman, E. Page(s): 1260-1268

The Price of Simplicity
Shakkottai, S.; Srikant, R. Page(s): 1269-1276

On the Interaction and Competition among Internet Service Providers
Lee, S.C.M.; Lui, J.C.S. Page(s): 1277-1283

Stability and Efficiency of Unstructured File Sharing Networks
Honggang Zhang; Neglia, G Page(s): 1284-1294

Managing a Peer-to-Peer Data Storage System in a Selfish Society
Maille, P.; Toka, L. Page(s): 1295-1301

Network Coding Games with Unicast Flows
Price, J.; Javidi, T. Page(s): 1302-1316

Game Theoretic Modeling of Malicious Users in Collaborative Networks
Theodorakopoulos, G.; Baras, J. Page(s): 1317-1327

A New Statistical Wideband Spatio-Temporal Channel Model for 5-GHz Band WLAN Systems [Comments Roozbahani, M.G.; Jedari, E. Page(s): 
IEEE Communications Society - 2008 Board of Governors