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IEEE Journal On Slected Area Communication Volume: 26  Issue: 7   Date: Jul. 2008

Table Of Contents

Design Tradeoffs and Hardware Architecture for Real-Time Iterative MIMO Detection using Sphere Decoding and LDPC Coding
Kim, H.; Lee, D.-U J.D.age(s): 1003-1014

On the Design of Linear Transceivers for Multiuser Systems with Channel Uncertainty
Shenouda, M.B.; Davidson, T.N. Page(s): 1015-1024

Robust Power Allocation Schemes for Multibeam Opportunistic Transmission Strategies Under Quality of Service Constraints Zorba, N.; .Page(s): 1025-1034

Guest Editorial: MIMO Systems and Applications: Field Experience, Practical Aspects, Limitations and Challenges Shafi, M.; Huang, H.; Hottinen, A Page(s): 841-844

Field Experiments on MIMO Multiplexing with Peak Frequency Efficiency of 50 Bit/Second/Hz Using MLD Based Signal Detection for OFDM High-Speed Packet Access Taoka, H.; Dai, K.; Higuchi, K.; Sawahashi, M.Page(s): 845-856

FPGA Implementation of an Iterative Receiver for MIMO-OFDM Systems
Boher, L.; Rabineau, R.; Helard, M. Page(s): 857-866

Transmitter Noise Effect on the Performance of a MIMO-OFDM Hardware Implementation Achieving Improved Coverage Suzuki, H.; Tran, T.V.APage(s): 867-876

A Real-Time 4-Stream MIMO-OFDM Transceiver: System Design, FPGA Implementation, and Characterization Haene, S.; Perels, D.; Burg, A.Page(s): 877-889

Performance of Spatial Division Multiplexing MIMO with Frequency Domain Packet Scheduling: From Theory to PracticeWei, N.; Pokhariyal, A Page(s): 890-900

Multiple Frequency Offset Estimation for the Downlink of Coordinated MIMO Systems
Zarikoff, B.W.; Cavers, J.K. Page(s): 901-912

Cross-Layer Optimization for MIMO-Based Wireless Ad Hoc Networks: Routing, Power Allocation, and Bandwidth Allocation Liu, J.; Hou, Y.T H.D.Page(s): 913-926

Space-Time Codes for MIMO Systems with Non-Collocated Transmit Antennas
Papadopoulos, H.C.; Sundberg, C.-E.W. Page(s): 927-937

Space-Time Codes for MIMO Ultra-Wideband Communications and MIMO Free-Space Optical Communications with PPM Abou-Rjeily, C.; Fawaz, W.Page(s): 938-947

MIMO-OFDM Beamforming for Improved Channel Estimation
Shen, C.; Fitz, M.P. Page(s): 948-959

A Pragmatic PHY Abstraction Technique for Link Adaptation and MIMO Switching
Choi, Y.-S.; Alamouti, S.M. Page(s): 960-971

A Novel Approach to MIMO Transmission Using a Single RF Front End
Kalis, A.; Kanatas, A.G.; Papadias, C.B. Page(s): 972-980

Quantized Multi-Rank Beamforming for MIMO-OFDM Systems
Khojastepour, M.A.; Prasad, N.;  Page(s): 981-992

A Detection Algorithm for Multi-Input Multi-Output (MIMO) Transmission using Poly-Diagonalization and Trellis Decoding Yoon, S.; Lee, S.-K.Page(s): 993-1002

IEEE Communications Society 2008 Board of Governors