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IEEE Journal On Slected Area Communication Volume: 26  Issue: 1   Date: Jan. 2008

Table Of Contents


IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications - (Contents Continued on Back Cover) Page(s): C1-C1
Spatiotemporal Sensing in Cognitive Radio Networks
Ganesan, G.; Ye Li; Bing, B.; Shaoqian Li Page(s): 5-12

Cyclostationary Signatures in Practical Cognitive Radio Applications
Sutton, P.D.; Nolan, K.E.; Doyle, L.E. Page(s): 13-24

Defense against Primary User Emulation Attacks in Cognitive Radio Networks
Ruiliang Chen; Jung-Min Park; Reed, J.H. Page(s): 25-37
Joint Beamforming and Power Allocation for Multiple Access Channels in Cognitive Radio Networks Lan Zhang; Ying-Chang Liang; Yan Xin Page(s): 38-51

Frame Synchronization for Variable-Length Packets
Suwansantisuk, W.; Chiani, M.; Win, M.Z. Page(s): 52-69

Cognitive Radio Based Multi-User Resource Allocation in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks Using Multi-Carrier CDMA Modulation Qi Qu; Milstein, L.B.; Vaman, Page(s): 70-82

Low-Complexity Adaptive Transmission for Cognitive Radios in Dynamic Spectrum Access Networks Pursley, M.B.; Royster, T.C. Page(s): 83-94

Cognitive Medium Access: Constraining Interference Based on Experimental Models Geirhofer, S.; Tong, L.; Sadler, B.M. Page(s): 95-105
Digital Object Identifier 10.1109/JSAC.2008.080109

HC-MAC: A Hardware-Constrained Cognitive MAC for Efficient Spectrum Management Juncheng Jia; Qian Zhang; Xuemin Shen Page(s): 106-117

Cross-Layer Based Opportunistic MAC Protocols for QoS Provisionings Over Cognitive Hang Su; Xi Zhang Page(s): 118-129

Distributed Rule-Regulated Spectrum Sharing
Lili Cao; Haitao Zheng Page(s): 130-145

Spectrum Sharing for Multi-Hop Networking with Cognitive Radios
Hou, Y.T.; Shi, Y.; Sherali, H.D. Page(s): 146-155

Opportunistic Channel Selection Strategy for Better QoS in Cooperative Networks with Cognitive Al-Fuqaha, A.; Khan, B.; Rayes Page(s): 156-167

Cognitive Wireless Mesh Networks with Dynamic Spectrum Access
Chowdhury, K.R.; Akyildiz, I.F. Page(s): 168-181

Multi-Stage Pricing Game for Collusion-Resistant Dynamic Spectrum Allocation
Ji, Z.; Liu, K.J.R. Page(s): 182-191

Competitive Pricing for Spectrum Sharing in Cognitive Radio Networks: Dynamic Game, Niyato, D.; Hossain, E. Page(s): 192-202

Spectrum Leasing to Cooperating Secondary Ad Hoc Networks
Simeone, O.; Stanojev, I.; Savazzi, S.;  Page(s): 203-213

Page(s): C3-C3