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IEEE Journal On Slected Area Communication Volume: 26  Issue: 2   Date: Feb. 2008

Table Of Contents

Volume: 26 Issue: 2   Date: February 2008
IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communication
Page(s): c1-c1

IEEE Communications Society
Page(s): c2-
Guest editorial - Equalization techniques for wireless communications theory & applications Barry, J.R.; Fuyun Ling Page(s): 241-244

Monte carlo equalization for nonlinear dispersive satellite channels
Kashif, F.M.; Wymeersch, H.; Win, M.Z. Page(s): 245-255

Reduced-complexity equalization techniques for ISI and MIMO wireless channels in iterative decoding Wong, K.K.Y.; Mclane, P.J. Page(s): 256-268

Graph-based detection algorithms for layered space-time architectures
Jun Hu; Duman, T.M. Page(s): 269-280

Low complexity soft-input soft-output block decision feedback equalization
Wu, J.; Zheng, Y.R. Page(s): 281-289

Soft-output sphere decoding: algorithms and VLSI implementation
Studer, C.; Burg, A.; Bolcskei, H. Page(s): 290-300

Evolution analysis of low-cost iterative equalization in coded linear systems with cyclic prefixes Xiaojun Yuan; Qinghua Guo;  Page(s): 301-310

LMMSE turbo equalization based on factor graphs
Qinghua Guo; Li Ping Page(s): 311-319

Joint iterative decoding of LDPC codes for channels with memory and erasure noise
Pfister, H.D.; Siegel, P.H. Page(s): 320-337

Communications through time-varying subspace channels
Friedlander, B. Page(s): 338-347

Iterative frequency domain channel estimation for dft-precoded ofdm systems using in-band pilotsChan-Tong Lam; Falconer, D.D.;  Page(s): 348-358

Subblock processing in MMSE-FDE under fast fading environments
Kambara, K.; Nishimoto, H.; Page(s): 359-365

A novel receiver architecture for single-carrier transmission over time-varying channels Zijian Tang; Leus, G. Page(s): 366-377

Robust subspace blind channel estimation for cyclic prefixed MIMO ODFM systems: algorithm, identifiability and performance analysis
Feifei Gao; Yonghong Zeng;  Page(s): 378-388

Frequency domain pre-equalization with transmit precoding for MIMO broadcast wireless channels Yu Zhu; Letaief, K.B. Page(s): 389-400

A framework for designing mimo systems with decision feedback equalization or tomlinson-harashima precoding Shenouda, M.B.; Davidson, T.N. Page(s): 401-411

IEEE Communications Society 2008 Board of Governors Officers