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IEEE Journal On Slected Area Communication Volume: 26  Issue: 8   Date: Aug. 2008

Table Of Contents

Questions? Questions? Questions? Chan, V.Page(s): 1-2

Africa two: a proposal for a concentric two-ring network for the african continent Huang, A.; Sarkar, S.; Mukherjee, B.Page(s): 2-11

Hybrid wireless-optical broadband access network (WOBAN): network planning and setup Sarkar, S.; Hong-Hsu YenPage(s): 12-21

An efficient hierarchical optical path network design algorithm based on a traffic demand expression in a cartesian product space
Yagyu, I.; Hasegawa, H.; Sato, K.Page(s): 22-31

Cross-layer adaptive routing and wavelength assignment in all-optical networks Pointurier, Y.; Brandt-Pearce, Page(s): 32-44

Loss classification in optical burst switching networks using machine learning techniques: improving the performance of TCP
Jayaraj, A.; Venkatesh, T.; Murthy, C.S.R. Page(s): 45-54

Elastic service availability: utility framework and optimal provisioning Xu, D.; Li, Y.; Chiang, M.; Calderbank, Page(s): 55-65

Pseudolinear optical system reach enhancement via runlength-limited coding Pechenkin, V.; Kschischang, F.R.Page(s): 66-72

Mitigation of linear and nonlinear impairments in high-speed optical networks by using LDPC-coded turbo equalization
Djordjevic, I.B.; Minkov, L.L.; Batshon, H.G.Page(s): 73-83

On the study of multiple backups and primary-backup link sharing for dynamic service provisioning in survivable WDM mesh networks Song, L.; Mukherjee, B.Page(s): 84-91