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IEEE Journal On Slected Area Communication Volume: 26  Issue: 3   Date: April. 2008

Table Of Contents

Guest Editorial Multiuser Detection for Advanced Communication Systems and Networks Chockalingam, A.; Mitra, U.; Ström, E.GPage(s): 417-420

Multiuser Detection of Sparsely Spread CDMA
Dongning Guo; Chih-Chun Wang Page(s): 421-431

A Divergence Minimization Approach to Joint Multiuser Decoding for Coded CDMA Hu, B.; Land, I.; Rasmussen, L.; Piton, R.; Page(s): 432-445

Achieving Single-User Performance in an FEC-Coded DS-CDMA System for Frequency Selective and Flat Fading Channels Wong, K.K.Y.; Page(s): 446-458

Joint Receiver and Transmitter Optimization for Energy-Efficient CDMA Communications Buzzi, S.; Poor, H.V. Page(s): 459-472

A Low-Complexity Detector for Large MIMO Systems and Multicarrier CDMA Systems Vardhan, K.V.; Mohammed, S.K.; Chockalingam, A.; Page(s): 473-485

Asymptotic Analysis of General Multiuser Detectors in MIMO DS-CDMA Channels
Takeuchi, K.; Tanaka, T.; Yano, T. Page(s): 486-496

Convergence of Markov-Chain Monte-Carlo Approaches to Multiuser and MIMO Detection Henriksen, S.; Ninness, B.; Weller, S.R. Page(s): 497-505

A Bayesian Multiuser Detection Algorithm for MIMO-ODFM Systems Affected by Multipath Fading,  Merli, F.Z.; Wang, X.; Vitetta, G.M. Page(s): 506-516

Interference Suppression Receivers for the Cellular Downlink Channel
Prasad, N.; Wang, X Page(s): 517-529

Vector Precoding for Wireless MIMO Systems and its Replica Analysis
Muller, R.R.; Dongning Guo; Moustakas, A.L. Page(s): 530-540

Reduced-Complexity Belief Propagation for System-Wide MUD in the Uplink of Cellular Networks Bavarian, S.; Cavers, J.K Page(s): 541-549

Relay-Assisted Decorrelating Multiuser Detector (RAD-MUD) for Cooperative CDMA Networks Wan-Jen Huang; Peter Hong, Y.-W.;  Page(s): 550-560

Complex Field Network Coding for Multiuser Cooperative Communications
Wang, T.; Giannakis, G.B. Page(s): 561-571

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