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September/October 2008 (vol. 10 no. 5) ISSN: 1520-9202


Table of Contents

Practitioners or Academics: Which Are We?  Sorel Reisman, MERLOT pp. 4-6

News Briefs  Brandi Ortega, staff writer pp. 7-10

Wireless Broadband Technologies: Access, Security, and Applications
Wesley Chou, Cisco SystemsJ. Morris Chang, Iowa State University pp. 12-14

Responding to Security Issues in WiMAX Networks
Chin-Tser Huang, University of South Carolina pp. 15-21

Hand-Off Evolution with Multiple Interfaces  Ching-Lun Lin, Institute for Information Industry (III)
Chih-Hsiang Ho, WiMAX Technology Center at III Jen-Yi Pan, National Chung Cheng Universitypp. 22-28

Considerations for an Efficient Mobile Workforce  Wesley Chou, Cisco Systemspp. 29-33

Plug into the Online Database and Play Mobile Web 2.0
I-Horng Jeng, Chinese Culture UniversityAllen Y. Chang, Chinese Culture University pp. 34-38

Development Support Tools for Enterprise Resource Planning
Rog?rio Atem de Carvalho, Federal Center for Technological Education
Rafael Manh?es Monnerat, Nexedi SA, France pp. 39-45

Choosing a Security Option: The InfoSecure Methodology
Shari Lawrence Pfleeger, RAND Corporation Thomas Ciszek, p. 46-52

Resources Ed Zintel, staff editorpp. 56-58

Baby Steps: Agile Transformation at
Keith Nottonson, Yahoo! Ken DeLong, pp. 59-62

When Black Hats Are Really White  Linda Wilbanks, US Department of Energy