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IT Professional March/April 2008 (Vol. 10, No. 2) ISSN: 1520-9202

Table of Contents

News Briefs
News Briefs  pp. 4-7
Guest Editors' Introduction
Healthcare IT  ,Thomas Jepsen,  pp. 8-10
Healthcare IT
Building a National Telemedicine Network ,Jader Wallauer, pp. 12-17
Healthcare IT
Experiences with Electronic Health Records  Jens Edlef Møller,  pp. 19-23

Building a Distributed E-Healthcare System Using SOA Firat Kart,  pp. 24-30

Optimizing Clinical Processes with Position-Sensing  Vladimir Stantchev pp. 31-37

Improving Startup Performance for a Medical Image Viewing Application
Yang-Ming Zhu, Philips Healthcare pp. 38-45

Medical Record Privacy and Security in a Digital Environment
Stasia Kahn, Fox Prairie Medical Group Vikram Sheshadri, E-Medapps pp. 46-52

IT Pro/Con
Health IT: A Roundtable Discussion with Healthcare Information Technology Executives
Thomas Jepsen, IT Professional pp. 53-55
Applying Strategic Thinking beyond IT Management  Hong-Lok Li,  pp. 56-58
Resources   pp. 60-62
CIO Corner
This Old House: Using Enterprise Architecture to Upgrade Old IT Systems
Linda Willbanks, US National Nuclear Security Administration pp. 64, 63