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IT Professional January/Feburary 2008 (Vol. 10, No.1) ISSN: 1520-9202

Table of Contents

EIC's Message
Celebrating IT Professional's 10-Year Anniversary
Arnold Bragg, RTI International  pp. 5-6

News Briefs
News Briefs pp. 7-11

Guest Editors' Introduction
Green: The New Computing Coat of Arms?
Joseph Williams, Microsoft  Lewis Curtis, Microsoft pp. 12-16
 Green Computing
Green Supercomputing Comes of Age  Wu-chun Feng, Virginia Tech pp. 17-23

Harnessing Green IT: Principles and Practices San Murugesan,  pp. 24-33

Service-Oriented Architecture
Migrating to SOAs by Way of Hybrid Systems
John Hutchinson, Lancaster University pp. 34-42

Making IT a Positive Force in Environmental Change
Jesse S. Aronson, Center for Innovative Technologypp. 43-45

IT Pro/Con
When and How to Use Refurbished Equipment for IT Needs
Barry Shevlin, Network Liquidators pp. 46-49

Recycling e-Waste: The Sky Is the Limit  Jan Krikke pp. 50-55

Resources  pp. 56-59
CIO Corner
IT Management and Governance in Equal Parts  Linda Wilbanks,

IT Predictions for 2008 Philip A. Laplante, Penn State University pp. 64, 62-63