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IEEE Electron Device Letters Volume: 29  Issue: 3   Date: March. 2008


Table Of Contents

IEEE Electron Device Letters publication information ,Page(s): C2-C2

Editorial ,Taur, Y. Page(s): 205-205

Vertical Enhancement-Mode InAs Nanowire Field-Effect Transistor With 50-nm Wrap Gate
Thelander, C.; FrobergFroberg, L.E.; Rehnstedt, C.; Samuelson, L.; Wernersson, L.-E.Page(s): 206-208\

Effects of $hbox{N}_{2}$ Plasma Pretreatment on the SiN Passivation of AlGaN/GaN HEMT
Romero, M.F.; Jimenez, A.; Miguel-Sanchez, J.; Brana, A.F.; Gonzalez-Posada, F.; Cuerdo, R.; Calle, F.; Munoz, E.Page(s): 209-211

Ti/Ni(80%)Cr(20%) Thin-Film Resistor With a Nearly Zero Temperature Coefficient of Resistance for Integration in a Standard CMOS Process ,Nachrodt, D.; Paschen, U.; ten Have, A.; Vogt, H.Page(s): 212-214

Low Subthreshold Swing HfLaO/Pentacene Organic Thin-Film Transistors ,Chang, M.F.; Lee, P.T.; McAlister, S.P.; Chin, A.Page(s): 215-217

Crosstalk Characterization in Geiger-Mode Avalanche Photodiode Arrays
Sciacca, E.; Condorelli, G.; Aurite, S.; Lombardo, S.; Mazzillo, M.; Sanfilippo, D.; Fallica, G.; Rimini, E.Page(s): 218-220

1.4-$muhbox{m}$-Pitch 50% Fill-Factor 1T Charge-Modulation Pixel for CMOS Image Sensors
Tournier, A.; Roy, F.; Lu, G.-N.; Deschamps, B.Page(s): 221-223

Room Temperature Near-Infrared Photoresponse Based on Interband Transitions in $hbox{In}_{0.35}hbox{Ga}_{0.65}hbox{As}$ Multiple Quantum Dot Photodetector ,Passmore, B.S.; Jiang Wu; Manasreh, M.O.; Kunets, V.P Page(s): 224-227

Thin Amorphous $hbox{Si/Si}_{3}hbox{N}_{4}$-Based Light-Emitting Device Prepared With Low Thermal Budget
Tan, W.K.; Yu, M.B.; Chen, Q.; Loh, W.Y.; Ye, J.D.; Zhang, X.H.; Lo, G.Q.; Kwong, D.-L.Page(s): 228-231

Novel Offset-Gated Bottom Gate Poly-Si TFTs With a Combination Structure of Ultrathin Channel and Raised Source/Drain
Il-Suk Kang; Shin-Hee Han; Seung-Ki Joo ,Page(s): 232-234

Inverted Staggered Poly-Si Thin-Film Transistor With Planarized SOG Gate Insulator
Jun Hyuk Cheon; Jung Ho Bae; Jin Jang ,Page(s): 235-237

RF Capacitance Extraction Utilizing a Series Resistance Deembedding Scheme for Ultraleaky MOS Devices
Gil-Bok Choi; Seung-Ho Hong; Sung-Woo Jung; Hee-Sung Kang; Yoon-Ha Jeong ,Page(s): 238-241

Characteristics and Fluctuation of Negative Bias Temperature Instability in Si Nanowire Field-Effect Transistors
Runsheng Wang; Ru Huang; Yandong He; Zhenhua Wang; Gaosheng Jia; Dong Page(s): 242-245

A 60-GHz Millimeter-Wave Bandpass Filter Using 0.18-$muhbox{m}$ CMOS Technology
Hsu Cheng-Ying; Chen Chu-Yu; Chuang Huey-Ru ,Page(s): 246-248

The Effect of Charge Imbalance on Superjunction Power Devices: An Exact Analytical Solution
Napoli, E.; Han Wang; Udrea, F. Page(s): 249-251

Operational Voltage Reduction of Flash Memory Using High-$kappa$ Composite Tunnel Barriers
Verma, S.; Pop, E.; Kapur, P.; Parat, K.; Saraswat, K.C.Page(s): 252-254

An Experimental Study on High-Frequency Substrate Noise Isolation in BiCMOS Technology
Ping-Chun Yeh; Hwann-Kaeo Chiou; Chwan-Ying Lee; Yeh, J.; Tang, D.; Chern, J.Page(s): 255-258

Accurate Estimation of Low $( ≪ hbox{10}^{-8} Omega cdot hbox{cm}^{2})$ Values of Specific Contact Resistivity
Bhaskaran, M.; Sriram, S.; Holland, A.S. Page(s): 259-261

Effect of Floating-Body and Stress Bias on NBTI and HCI on 65-nm SOI pMOSFETs
Mishra, R.; Ioannou, D.E.; Mitra, S.; Gauthier, R.Page(s): 262-264

Novel SONOS-Type Nonvolatile Memory Device With Optimal Al Doping in HfAlO Charge-Trapping Layer
Ping-Hung Tsai; Kuei-Shu Chang-Liao; Chu-Yung Liu; Tien-Ko  Page(s): 265-268

On the Formation of Positive Charges in Ultrathin Silicon-Oxynitride p-MOSFETs Subjected to Negative Bias Temperature Stress
Yangang Wang ,Page(s): 269-272

IEEE Electron Devices Society Meetings Calendar for 2008 (as of 04 February 2008)  Page(s): 273-274

IEEE Electron Device Letters information for authors ,Page(s): 275-275

Special issue on Nanowire Electronics ,Page(s): 276-277

2008 EDS J.J. EBERS AWARD ,Page(s): 278-278

2008 Silicon Nanoelectronics Workshop ,Page(s): 279-279