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IEEE Electron Device Letters Volume: 29  Issue: 7   Date: July. 2008


Table of Contents

IEEE Electron Device Letters publication information , Page(s): C2-C2

Low Turn-On Voltage and High-Current $hbox{InP}
Chen, S.-H.; Teng, K.-H.; Chen, H.-Y.; Wang, S.-Y.; Page(s): 655-657

Improvement of External Extraction Efficiency in GaN-Based LEDs by $ hbox Hsieh, M.-Y.; Wang, C.-Y.; Chen, L.-Y.; Lin, Page(s): 658-660

AlN/GaN Insulated-Gate HEMTs With 2.3 A/mm Output Current and 480 mS/mm Transconductance
Zimmermann, T.; Deen, D.; Cao, Y.; Simon, J.; Fay, P.Page(s): 661-664

A Simple Current Collapse Measurement Technique for GaN High-Electron Mobility Transistors Joh, J.; del Alamo, J. A.; Jimenez, J., Page(s): 665-667

AlGaN/GaN Recessed MIS-Gate HFET With High-Threshold-Voltage Normally-Off Operation Oka, T.; Nozawa, T., Page(s): 668-670

Novel Delta-Doped InAlGaP/GaAs Heterojunction Bipolar Transistor

Lin, Y.-S.; Jiang, J.-J., Page(s): 671-673

Forming Gas Annealing Characteristics of Germanium-on-Insulator Substrates
Jin, H.-Y.; Cheung, N. W., Page(s): 674-676

Drift Modeling of Electrically Controlled Nanoscale Metal–Oxide Gas Sensors
Velasco-Velez, J. J.; Chaiyboun, A.; Wilbertz, C.; Scheinert , Page(s): 677-680

Improvement of Resistive Switching in $hbox{Cu}_{x} hbox{O}$ Using New RESET Mode
Yin, M.; Zhou, P.; Lv, H. B.; Xu, J.; Song, Y. L.; Fu, X. F.; Page(s): 681-683

Electrical Properties of Amorphous Thin Film for RF MIM Capacitors
Cho, K.-H.; Choi, C.-H.; Hong, K. P.; Choi, J.-Y.; Jeong, Page(s): 684-687

Carbon-Doped Polysilicon Floating Gate for Improved Data Retention and of Flash Memory Pu, J.; Kim, S.-J.; Lee, S.-H.; Kim, Y.-S.; Kim, S.-T.; Choi, K.-J.; Page(s): 688-690

Fabrication and Characterization of Carbon Nanotubes Integrated on Field-Emission Diode Tsai, J. T. H.; Li, J. G. S. Page(s): 691-693

Effect of the Electrode Material on the Electrical-Switching Characteristics of Nonvolatile Memory Lee, D.; Baek, S.; Ree, M.; Kim, O., Page(s): 694-697

Low-Temperature-Processed Inorganic Gate Dielectrics for Plastic-Substrate-Based Organic Field-Effect Transistors Tan, H. S.; Cahyadi, T.; Wan, Page(s): 698-700

A Single-Crystal-Silicon Bulk-Acoustic-Mode Microresonator Oscillator
Lee, J. E.-Y.; Bahreyni, B.; Zhu, Y.; Seshia, A. A., Page(s): 701-703

Novel Silicon¿Carbon Schottky Barrier Enhancement Layer for Dark-Current Suppression SOI MSM Photodetectors
Ang, K.-W.; Zhu, S.-Y.;Page(s): 704-707

Novel NiGe MSM Photodetector Featuring Asymmetrical Schottky Barriers Using Sulfur Co-Implantation and Segregation
Ang, K.-W.; Yu, M.-B.; Zhu, Page(s): 708-710

Hybrid CdSe-ZnS Quantum Dot-InGaN-GaN Quantum Well Red Light-Emitting Diodes
Huang, C.-Y.; Su, Y.-K.; Chen, Y.-C.; Tsai, P.-C.;Page(s): 711-713

Separate Absorption-Charge Multiplication Heterojunction Phototransistors With the Bandwidth Shi, J.-W.; Wu, Y.-S.; Hong, F.-C.; Chiu, W.-Y., Page(s): 714-717

A Novel Multiple-Gate Polycrystalline Silicon Nanowire Transistor Featuring an Inverse-T Gate
Lin, H.-C.; Hsu, H.-H.; Su, C.-J.; Huang, T.-Y., Page(s): 718-720

ZnO Thin-Film Transistor Ring Oscillators with 31-ns Propagation Delay
Sun, J.; Mourey, D. A.; Zhao, D.; Park, S. K.; Nelson, S. F.;Page(s): 721-723

New n-Type $hbox{TiO}_{2}$ Transparent Active Channel TFTs Fabricated With a SolutionProcess Park, J.-W.; Yoo, S., Page(s): 724-727

SiC Varactors for Dynamic Load Modulation of High Power Amplifiers
Sudow, M.; Nemati, H. M.; Thorsell, M.; Gustavsson, U, Page(s): 728-730

Cointegration of In Situ Doped Silicon–Carbon Source and Silicon–Carbon I-Region in P-Channel Silicon Toh, E.-H.; Wang, G. H.; Chan, L.;G.; Yeo, Y.-C., Page(s): 731-733

Modified Threshold Voltage Shift Model in a-Si:H TFTs Under Prolonged Gate Pulse Stress Liu, S.-E.; Kung, C.-P., Page(s): 734-736

Top-Gate Amorphous Silicon TFT With Self-Aligned Silicide Source/Drain and High Mobility
Huang, Y.; Hekmatshoar, B.; Wagner, S.; Sturm, J. C., Page(s): 737-739

Ultrahigh Capacitance Density for Multiple ALD-Grown MIM Capacitor Stacks in 3-D Silicon Klootwijk, J. H.; Jinesh, K. B.; Dekkers, W.; Verhoeven, Page(s): 740-742

The Impact of Stacked Cap Layers on Effective Work Function With HfSiON and SiON Gate Dielectrics Cho, H.-J.; Yu, H. Y.; Chang, V.  Jakschik, S, Page(s): 743-745

Ab Initio Modeling of Schottky-Barrier Height Tuning by Yttrium at Nickel Silic
Geng, L.; Magyari-Kope, B.; Zhang, Z.; Nishi, Y, Page(s): 746-749

Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) Liner: A New Stressor for P-Channel Multiple-Gate Field-Effect Transistors Tan, K.-M.; Fang, W.-W.; Yang, M.; Liow, Page(s): 750-752

Novel Silicon-Controlled Rectifier (SCR) for High-Voltage Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) Applications Liu, Z.; Liou, J. J.; Vinson, J., Page(s): 753-755

Source and Drain Series Resistance Reduction for N-Channel Transistors Using Solid Antimony Wong, H.-S.; Koh, A. T.-Y.; Page(s): 756-758

Surviving Process Variation: Investigation of CNR MOSFETs With Tapered Channels Using Fully Self-Consistent Guan, X.; Zhang, M.; Yu, Z., Page(s): 759-761

Investigation on the Validity of Holding Voltage in High-Voltage Devices Measured by Transmission-Line-Pulsing Chen, W.-Y.; Ker, M.-D.; Huang, Y.-J., Page(s): 762-764

Sub-30-nm FUSI CMOS Transistors Fabricated by Simple Method Without Additional CMP Process
Fukutome, H.; Hosaka, K.; Kawamura, K.; Ohta, H.; Uchino, Y.; Page 765-767

Impact of Process-Induced Strain on Coulomb Scattering Mobility in Short-Channel n-MOSFETs Chen, W. P. N.; Su, P.; Goto, K., Page(s): 768-770

Effect of Drift-Region Concentration on Hot-Carrier-Induced $R_{rm on}$ Degradation in nLDMOS Transistors Chen, J. F.; Lee, J. R.; Wu, Page(s): 771-774

Low-Temperature Performance of Nanoscale MOSFET for Deep-Space RF Applications
Hong, S.-H.; Choi, G.-B.; Baek, R.-H.; Kang, H.-S.; Jung, S.-W.; Jeong, Page(s): 775-777

Time-Resolved Programming Current Measurement and Modeling for nand -type Nanodot Flash Cell Yeh, C.-C.; Holtzclaw, K.; Ramaswamy , Page(s): 778-780

Partially Depleted SONOS FinFET for Unified RAM (URAM)—Unified Function for High-Speed 1T Han, J.-W.; Ryu, S.-W.; Kim, C.-J.; Kim, S.; Im, M.; Choi, Page(s): 781-783

Temperature-Dependent Capacitance Characteristics of RF LDMOS Transistors With Different Layout Structures Hu, H.-H.; Chen, K.-M.; Huang, G.-W.; Chen, Page(s): 784-787

Investigation of Reliability Characteristics in NMOS and PMOS FinFETs
Liao, W.-S.; Liaw, Y.-G.; Tang, M.-C.; Chakraborty, Page(s): 788-790

Vertical Silicon-Nanowire Formation and Gate-All-Around MOSFET
Yang, B.; Buddharaju, K. D.; Teo, S. H. G.; Singh, N.; Lo, Page(s): 791-794

A Capacitorless 1T-DRAM on SOI Based on Dynamic Coupling and Double-Gate Operation Bawedin, M.; Cristoloveanu, S.; Flandre, D. , Page(s): 795-798

1-nm Spatial Resolution in Carrier Profiling of Ultrashallow Junctions by Scanning Spreading Resistance Microscopy Adachi, K.; Nishiyama, A., Page(s): 799-801

Analysis and Modeling of Threshold Voltage Mismatch for CMOS at 65 nm and Beyond
Johnson, J. B.; Hook, T. B.; Lee, Y.-M., Page(s): 802-804

High-Performance Gate-All-Around GeOI p-MOSFETs Fabricated by Rapid Melt Growth Using Plasma Nitridation and ALD Feng, J.; Thareja, G.; Kobayashi, M.;Page(s): 805-807

Germanium Source and Drain Stressors for Ultrathin-Body and Nanowire Field-Effect Transistors Liow, T.-Y.; Tan, K.-M.; Lee, R. T. P.; Zhu, M.; Tan, B. L.-H., Page(s): 808-810

Mobility Scaling in Short-Channel Length Strained Ge-on-Insulator P-MOSFETs
Bedell, S. W.; Majumdar, A.; Ott, J. A.; Arnold, J., Page(s): 811-813

IEEE Electron Devices Society Meetings Calendar
, Page(s): 814-815

IEEE Electron Device Letters information for authors, Page(s): 816-816

Special issue of IEEE Transaction on Electron Devices on SolidState Image Sensors

Page(s): 817-817

39th IEEE Semiconductor Interface Specialists Conference, Page(s): 818-818