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IEEE Electron Device Letters Volume: 29  Issue: 1   Date: Jan. 2008


Table Of Contents

IEEE Electron Device Letters publication information ,Page(s): C2-C2

Changes in the Editorial Board ,Taur, Y.Page(s): 3-3

Asymmetrically Recessed 50-nm Gate-Length Metamorphic High Electron-Mobility Transistor With Enhanced Gain Performance
Dong Xu; Kong, W.M.T.; Xiaoping Yang; Page(s): 4-7

A 120-W Boost Converter Operation Using a High-Voltage GaN-HEMT ,Saito, W.; Nitta, T Page(s): 8-10

A New InP/InGaAs Double Heterojunction Bipolar Transistor With a Step-Graded InAlGaAs Collector Structure
Tzu-Pin Chen; Shiou-Ying Cheng; Ching-Wen Hung; Kuei-Yi Chu; Li-Yang Chen; Tsung-Han Tsai; Wen-Chau Liu ,Page(s): 11-14

Current Crowding in High Performance Low-Loss HFET RF Switches ,Yang, Z.; Wang, J.; Hu, X.; Yang,  Page(s): 15-17

0.25 $muhbox{m}$ Self-Aligned AlGaN/GaN High Electron Mobility Transistors
Kumar, V.; Kim, D.H.; Basu, A.; Adesida, I.Page(s): 18-20

Radio-Frequency-Noise Characterization and Modeling of Type-II InP–GaAsSb DHBT
Yu-Ju Chuang; Cimino, K.; Stuenkel, M.; Snodgrass, W.; Feng, M.Page(s): 21-23

Volterra-Series-Based Distortion Analysis for Optimization of Out-of-Band Terminations in GaN HEMT Devices
Srinidhi, E.R.; Ma, R.; Kompa, G.Page(s): 24-27

Thin-Film Bulk Acoustic Wave Resonator Floating Above CMOS Substrate
Campanella, H.; Cabruja, E.; Montserrat, J.; Uranga, A.; Barniol, N.; Esteve, J. Page(s): 28-30

Novel Integration of Metal–Insulator–Metal (MIM) Capacitors Comprising Perovskite-type Dielectric and Cu Bottom Electrode on Low-Temperature Packaging Substrates ,Liao, E.B.; Choong, T.H.; Zhu, W.G.; Teoh, K.W.; Lim, P.C.;  Page(s): 31-33

Cost-Effective Low $V_{t}$ Ni-FUSI CMOS on SiON by Means of Al Implant (pMOS) and $hbox{Yb}{+}hbox{P}$ Coimplant (nMOS)
Lauwers, A.; Veloso, A.; Chang, S.-Z.; Yu, H.Y Page(s): 34-37

A Temperature-Accelerated Method to Evaluate Data Retention of Resistive Switching Nonvolatile Memory
An Chen; Haddad, S.; Yi-Ching Wu Page(s): 38-40

A Reliable Technique for Experimental Evaluation of Crystallization Activation Energy in PCMs
Redaelli, A.; Pirovano, A.; Tortorelli, I.; Ielmini, D.; Lacaita, A.L.Page(s): 41-43

Switching Device Based on a Thin Film of an Azo-Containing Polymer for Application in Memory Cells
Attianese, D.; Petrosino, M.; Vacca, P.; Concilio, S.; Iannelli, P.; Rubino, A.; Bellone, S.Page(s): 44-46

Forming Process Investigation of $hbox{Cu}_{x} hbox{O}$ Memory Films
Lv, H.B.; Yin, M.; Song, Y.L.; Fu, X.F.; Tang, L.; Zhou, P.; Zhao, C.H.; Tang, T.A.; Chen, B.A.; Lin, Y.Y.Page(s): 47-49

Widely Tunable Work Function TaN/Ru Stacking Layer on HfLaO Gate Dielectric
Wang, X.P.; Li, M.-F.; Yu, H.Y.; Yang, J.J.; Chen, J.D.; Zhu, C.X.; Du, A.Y.; Loh, W.Y.; Biesemans, S Page(s): 50-53

The Effect of Nanoscale Nonuniformity of Oxygen Vacancy on Electrical and Reliability Characteristics of $hbox{HfO}_{2}$ MOSFET Devices ,Hokyung Park; Minseok Jo; Hyejung Choi; Hasan, M.; Rino Choi;  Page(s): 54-56

Improved Electrical Properties of ALD $hbox{Hf}_{x} hbox{Zr}_{1 - x}hbox{O}_{2}$ Dielectrics Deposited on Ultrathin PVD Zr Underlayer ,Triyoso, D.H.; Hegde, R.I.; Jiang, J.; Schaeffer, J.K.; Raymond, M.V.Page(s): 57-59

Electrical Characteristics of the HfAlON Gate Dielectric With Interfacial UV-Ozone Oxide
Yung-Yu Chen; Wen-Yu Fu; Ching-Fa Yeh Page(s): 60-62

Reliability of Active-Matrix Organic Light-Emitting-Diode Arrays With Amorphous Silicon Thin-Film Transistor Backplanes on Clear Plastic ,Hekmatshoar, B.; Kattamis, A.Z.; Cherenack,  Page(s): 63-66

Correlation of Current Noise Behavior and Dark Spot Formation in Organic Light-Emitting Diodes
Lin Ke; Kumar, R.S.; Vijila, C.; Soo Jin Chua; Sun, X.W.Page(s): 67-69

Gated Diode Design to Mitigate Radiation Damage in X-Ray Imagers ,Zelakiewicz, S.; Albagli, D.; Hennessy Page(s): 70-72

Complementary Logic Gates and Ring Oscillators on Plastic Substrates by Use of Printed Ribbons of Single-Crystalline Silicon
Dae-Hyeong Kim; Jong-Hyun Ahn; Hoon-Sik Kim; Keon Jae Lee;  Page(s): 73-76

Strained Silicon–Germanium-On-Insulator n-MOSFET With Embedded Silicon Source-and-Drain Stressors
Wang, G.H.; Toh Eng-Huat; Du, A.; Lo Guo-Qiang; Samudra, G.; Yeo Yee-Chia ,Page(s): 77-79

Spacer Removal Technique for Boosting Strain in n-Channel FinFETs With Silicon-Carbon Source and Drain Stressors
Tsung-Yang Liow; Kian-Ming Tan; Lee, R.T.P.; Ming Zhu;  Page(s): 80-82

High Voltage (3130 V) 4H-SiC Lateral p-n Diodes on a Semiinsulating Substrate ,Chih-Fang Huang; Jin-Rong Kuo; Page(s): 83-85

PMOS Hole Mobility Enhancement Through SiGe Conductive Channel and Highly Compressive ILD- $hbox{SiN}_{x}$ Stressing Layer ,Wen-Shiang Liao; Yue-Gie Liaw; Mao-Chyuan Tang; Kun-Ming Chen; Sheng-Yi Huang; Peng, C.-Y.; Chee Wee Liu Page(s): 86-88

Nickel-Silicide:Carbon Contact Technology for N-Channel MOSFETs With Silicon–Carbon Source/Drain
Lee, R.T.P.; Li-Tao Yang; Tsung-Yang Liow; Kian-Ming Tan; Lim, A.E.-J.; Page(s): 89-92

Localization of Gate Bias Induced Threshold Voltage Degradation in a-Si:H TFTs
Shringarpure, R.; Venugopal, S.; Clark, L.T.; Allee, D.R.; Bawolek, E.Page(s): 93-95

High-Performance Poly-Si TFTs With $hbox{Pr}_{2} hbox{O}_{3}$ Gate Dielectric
Chia-Wen Chang; Chih-Kang Deng; Jiun-Jia Huang; Hong-Ren Chang; Tan-Fu Lei Page(s): 96-98

Demonstration of High-Performance PMOSFETs Using $ hbox{Si}$–$hbox{Si}_{x}hbox{Ge}_{1 - x}$ –$hbox{Si}$ Quantum Wells With High- $kappa$/Metal-Gate Stacks ,Majhi, P.; Kalra, P.; Harris, R.; Choi, K. J.; Heh, D.; Oh, J.; Kelly, D.; Choi, R.; Cho, B. J.; Banerjee, S.; Tsai, W.; Tseng, H.; Jammy, R. Page(s): 99-101

Multiple-Gate CMOS Thin-Film Transistor With Polysilicon Nanowire
Maesoon Im; Jin-Woo Han; Hyunjin Lee; Lee-Eun Yu; Sungho Kim; Chang-Hoon Kim; Sang Cheol Jeon; Kwang Hee Kim; Gi Sung Lee; Jae Sub Oh; Yun Chang Park; Hee Mok Lee; Yang-Kyu Choi Page(s): 102-105

RTS Noise Characterization in Flash Cells ,Sing-Rong Li; McMahon, W.; Lu, Y.-L.R.; Yung-Huei Lee Page(s): 106-108

Charge Retention Loss in a $hbox{HfO}_{2}$ Dot Flash Memory via Thermally Assisted Tunneling
Tahui Wang; Ma, H.C.; Li, C.H.; Lin, Y.H.; Chien, C.H.; Lei, T.F. Page(s): 109-110

Flip-Cathode Design for Carbon Nanotube-Based Vacuum Triodes
Brunetti, F.; Riccitelli, R.; Di Carlo, A.; Fiori, A.; Orlanducci, S.; Sessa, V.; Terranova, M.L.; Lucci, M.; Merlo, V.; Cirillo, M. Page(s): 111-113

Resistive Coupling Efficiency Criterion for Evaluating Substrate Shielding Structures of Transformers
Jinglin Shi; Yong Zhong Xiong; Brinkhoff, J.; Issaoun, A.; Fujiang Lin Page(s): 114-117

MOSFETs RF Noise Optimization via Channel Engineering ,Tao Chuan Lim; Valentin, R.; Dambrine, G.; Danneville, F.Page(s): 118-121

Performance Comparisons Between Cu/Low-$kappa$ , Carbon-Nanotube, and Optics for Future On-Chip Interconnects
Hoyeol Cho; Kyung-Hoae Koo; Kapur, P.; Saraswat, K.C. Page(s): 122-124

SB-MOSFETs in UTB-SOI Featuring PtSi Source/Drain With Dopant Segregation
Zhen Zhang; Zhijun Qiu; Hellstrom, P.-E.; Malm, G.; Olsson, J.; Jun Lu; Ostling, M.; Shi-Li Zhang  Page(s): 125-127

Gate Fringe-Induced Barrier Lowering in Underlap FinFET Structures and Its Optimization
Sachid, A.B.; Manoj, C.R.; Sharma, D.K.; Rao, V.R.Page(s): 128-130

Programmable via Using Indirectly Heated Phase-Change Switch for Reconfigurable Logic Applications
Chen, K.N.; Krusin-Elbaum, L.; Newns, D.M.; Elmegreen, B.G.; Cheek, R.; Rana, N.; Young, A.M.; Koester, S.J.; Lam, C.Page(s): 131-133

IEEE Electron Devices Society Meetings Calendar for 2008 (as of 03 December 2007) Page(s): 134-135