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IEEE Electron Device Letters Volume: 29  Issue: 1   Date: Jan. 2008


Table Of Contents

IEEE Electron Device Letters publication information ,Page(s): C2-C2

Changes in the Editorial Board ,Taur , Y.; Jagadish, C.
WEB-based Manuscript Processing ,Jindal, R. P.Page(s): 142-142

Fabrication and Performance of 0.25-$mu$m Gate Length Depletion-Mode GaAs-Channel MOSFETs With Self-Aligned InAlP Native Oxide Gate Dielectric ,Zhang, J.; Kosel, T. H.; Hall, D. C.; Fay, P.Page(s): 143-145

Monolithic CMOS MEMS Oscillator Circuit for Sensing in the Attogram Range
Verd, J.; Uranga, A.; Abadal, G.; Teva, J. L.; Torres, F.; LÓpez, J.; PÉrez-Murano Page(s): 146-148

Augmented Cell Performance of NO-Based Storage Dielectric by N$_2$ O-Treated Nitride Film for Trench DRAM
Wu, Y.-H.; Chang, C.-M.; Wang, C.-y.; Kao, C.-K.; Kuo, C.-M.; Ku, A.; Huang, T.Page(s): 149-151

Integration of PtSi in p-Type MOSFETs Using a Sacrificial Low-Temperature Germanidation Process
Breil, N.; Dubois, E.; Halimaoui, A.; Pouydebasque, A.; ¿aszcz, A.; Ratajcak, J.; Larrieu, G.; Skotnicki, T.Page(s): 152-154

The Effects of Drain-Bias on the Threshold Voltage Instability in Organic TFTs
Zan, H.-W.; Kao, S.-C.Page(s): 155-157

High-Speed GaN-Based Green Light-Emitting Diodes With Partially n-Doped Active Layers and Current-Confined Apertures
Shi, J.-W.; Sheu, J.-K.; Chen, C.-H.; Lin, G.-R.; Lai, W.-C.Page(s): 158-160

Dark-Current Suppression in Metal–Germanium–Metal Photodetectors Through Dopant-Segregation in NiGe—Schottky Barrier
Zang, H.; Lee, S. J.; Loh, W. Y.; Wang, J.; Chua, K. T.; Yu, M. B.; Cho, B. J.; Lo, G. Q.; Kwong, D.-L.Page(s): 161-164

Analysis of Negative Bias Temperature Instability in Body-Tied Low-Temperature Polycrystalline Silicon Thin-Film Transistors
Chen, C.-Y.; Ma , M.-W.; Chen, W.-C.; Lin , H.-Y.; Yeh , K.-L.; Wang , S.-D.; Lei , T.-F.Page(s): 165-167

Impacts of Fluorine Ion Implantation With Low-Temperature Solid-Phase Crystallized Activation on High- $kappa$ LTPS-TFT
Ma, M.-W.; Chen, C.-Y.; Su, C.-J.; Wu, W.-C.; Wu, Y.-H.; Yang, T.-Y.; Kao, K.-H.; Chao, T.-S.; Lei , T.-F.Page(s): 168-170

Characteristics of PBTI and Hot Carrier Stress for LTPS-TFT With High- $kappa$ Gate Dielectric
Ma , M.-W.; Chen, C.-Y.; Su, C.-J.; Wu, W.-C.; Wu, Y.-H.; Kao, K.-H.; Chao, T.-S.; Lei , T.-F.Page(s): 171-173

The Characteristics of New n-Type Polycrystalline Silicon Thin-Film Transistors Employing Alternating Magnetic-Field-Enhanced Rapid Thermal Annealing ,Lee, W.-K; Park, J.-H.; Choi, J.; Han, M.-K.Page(s): 174-176

On the Roll-Off of the Activation Energy Plot in High-Temperature Flash Memory Retention Tests and its Impact on the Reliability Assessment ,Govoreanu, B.; Van Houdt, J.Page(s): 177-179

Experimental Evidence of the Fast and Slow Charge Trapping/Detrapping Processes in High- k Dielectrics Subjected to PBTI Stress ,Heh, D.; Young, C. D.; Bersuker, G.Page(s): 180-182

Externally Assembled Gate-All-Around Carbon Nanotube Field-Effect Transistor
Chen, Z.; Farmer, D.; Xu, S.; Gordon, R.; Avouris, P.; Appenzeller, J.Page(s): 183-185

Effective Mass Anomalies in Strained-Si Thin Films and Crystals ,Yamauchi, J.Page(s): 186-188

A Double-Spacer I-MOS Transistor With Shallow Source Junction and Lightly Doped Drain for Reduced Operating Voltage and Enhanced Device Performance ,Toh , E.-H.; Wang, G. H.; Chan, L.; Samudra, G.; Yeo , Y.-C.Page(s): 189-191

A High-Stress Liner Comprising Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) for Strained p-Channel MOSFET
Tan, K.-M.; Zhu , M.; Fang , W.-W.; Yang , M.; Liow, T.-Y.; Lee, R. T. P.;  Page(s): 192-194

Rotational Driven RF Variable Capacitors With Post-CMOS Processes ,Gu, L.; Li, X.Page(s): 195-197

IEEE Electron Devices Society Meetings Calendar for 2008 (as of 04 January 2008) ,Page(s): 198-199

IEEE Electron Device Letters information for authors ,Page(s): 200-200

Special issue on Nanowire Electronics ,Page(s): 201-202