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IEEE Electron Device Letters Volume: 29  Issue: 8   Date: Aug. 2008


Table of Contents

IEEE Electron Device Letters publication information, Page(s): C2-C2

Tutor at Your Web-Step Jindal, R. P., Page(s): 823-823

A 97.8% Efficient GaN HEMT Boost Converter With 300-W Output Power at 1 MHz
Wu, Y.; Jacob-Mitos, M.; Moore, M. L.; Heikman, S., Page(s): 824-826

Low-Frequency Noise Characteristics in Ion-Implanted GaN-Based HEMTs
Nakajima, M.; Ohsawa, T.; Nomoto, K.; Nakamura, T., Page(s): 827-829

30-nm InAs Pseudomorphic HEMTs on an InP Substrate With a Current-Gain Cutoff Frequency of 628 GHz
Kim, D.-H.; del Alamo, J. A., Page(s): 830-833

55% PAE and High Power Ka-Band GaN HEMTs With Linearized Transconductance via $hbox{n}+$ GaN Source Contact Ledge Moon, J. S.; Wong, D.; Hu, M.; Hashimoto, P.; Antcliffe, M.; McGuire, C.; Micovic, M.; Willadson, P., Page(s): 834-837

AlGaN/GaN MOS-HEMT With $hbox{HfO}_{2}$ Dielectric and $hbox{Al}_{2}hbox{O}_{3}$ Interfacial Passivation Layer Grown by Atomic Layer Deposition Yue, Y.; Hao, Y.; Zhang, J.; Ni, J.; Mao, W.; Feng, Q.; Liu, L., Page(s): 838-840

Novel Nickel Silicide Contact Technology Using Selenium Segregation for SOI N-FETs With Silicon–Carbon Source/Drain Stressors Wong, H.-S.; Liu, F.-Y.; Ang, K.-W.; Samudra, G.; Yeo, Y. C., Page(s): 841-844

High Density and Low Leakage Current in $ hbox{TiO}_{2}$ MIM Capacitors Processed at 300 $^{circ} hbox{C}$
Cheng, C. H.; Lin, S. H.; Jhou, K. Y.; Chen, W. J.; Chou, C. P.; Yeh, F. S.; Hu, J.; Page(s): 845-847
Modification of Molybdenum Gate Electrode Work Function via (La-, Al-Induced) Dipole Effect at High-$k/hbox{SiO}_{2}$ Interface Lim, A. E.-J.; Lee, R. T. P.; Samudra, G. S.; Kwong, D.-L.; Yeo, Y.-C., Page(s): 848-851

Reliable Organic Nonvolatile Memory Device Using a Polyfluorene-Derivative Single-Layer Film

Kim, T.-W.; Oh, S.-H.; Choi, H.; Wang, G.; Hwang, H, Page(s): 852-855
A Compact, Low-Power, and Electromagnetically Actuated Microspeaker for Hearing Aids
Je, S.-S.; Chae, J., Page(s): 856-858

Charge-Gated Thin-Film Transistors for High Resolution Digital Imaging Applications

Taghibakhsh, F.; Karim, K. S., Page(s): 859-862

Dynamic Thermal Analysis of High-Power LEDs at Pulse Conditions Yang, L.; Hu, J.; Shin, M. W., Page(s): 863-866

On the Source of Jitter in a Room-Temperature Nanoinjection Photon Detector at 1.55 $mu hbox{m}$

Memis, O. G.; Katsnelson, A.; Mohseni, H.; Yan, M.; Zhang, S.; Hossain, Page(s): 867-869

Behaviors of Emission Wavelength Shift in AlInGaN-Based Green Laser Diodes
Lee, S.-N.; Ryu, H. Y.; Paek, H. S.; Son, J. K.; Sung, Y. J.; Kim, K. S.; Kim, H. K.; Kim, Page(s): 870-872

Effect of Channel Width Shortening on the Stability of a-Si:H/nc-Si:H Bilayer Thin-Film Transistors
Pappas, I.; Dimitriadis, C. A.; Siskos, S.; Templier, F.; Oudwan, M.; Kamarinos, G., Page(s): 873-875

Multilevel Storage in Lateral Top-Heater Phase-Change Memory
Yin, Y.; Ota, K.; Higano, N.; Sone, H.; Hosaka, S., Page(s): 876-878

Source/Drain Series-Resistance Effects in Amorphous Gallium–Indium Zinc-Oxide Thin Film Transistors
Park, J.; Kim, C.; Kim, S.; Song, I.; Kang, D.; Lim, H.; Yin, H.; Jung, R.; Lee, Page(s): 879-881

High-Gain Amplifiers With Amorphous-Silicon Thin-Film Transistors Sambandan, S., Page(s): 882-884

Laser Annealing of Amorphous Germanium on Silicon–Germanium Source/Drain for Strain and Performance Enhancement in pMOSFETs Liu, F.; Wong, H.-S.; Ang, K.-W.; Zhu, M.; Wang, X.; Lai, D. M, Page(s): 885-888

Novel Gate-All-Around Poly-Si TFTs With Multiple Nanowire Channels
Liao, T.-C.; Tu, S.-W.; Yu, M. H.; Lin, W.-K.; Liu, C.-C.; Chang, K.-J.; Page(s): 889-891

Bottom–Up-Fabricated Oxide–Metal–Semiconductor Spin-Valve Transistor
Zhao, L.; Huang, B.; Olowolafe, O.; Appelbaum, I., Page(s): 892-894

Dynamic Turn-On Mechanism of the n-MOSFET Under High-Current Stress
Yang, D.-H.; Chen, J. F.; Lee, J.-H.; Wu, K.-M., Page(s): 895-897

Differential Sensing of Substrate Noise in Mixed-Signal 0.18-$muhbox{m}$ BiCMOS Technology

Dai, H.; Knepper, R. W., Page(s): 898-901

Nickel-Silicided Schottky Junction CMOS Transistors With Gate-All-Around Nanowire Channels
Tan, E. J.; Pey, K. L.; Singh, N.; Lo, G. Q.; Chi, D. Z.; Chin, Y. K.; Tang, L. , Page(s): 902-905

A New Embedded One-Time-Programmable MNOS Memory Fully Compatible to LTPS Fabrication for System-on-Panel (SOP) Applications Lee, T.-Y.; Chiu, C.-C.; Liu, Y.-C.; Liu, C.-C.; Page(s): 906-908

Anomalous Bulk Current Effects in Trench-Based Integrated Power Transistors
Moens, P.; Roig, J.; Desoete, B.; Bauwens, F.; Tack, M., Page(s): 909-912

Origin of the Asymmetry in the Magnitude of the Statistical Variability of n- and p-Channel Poly-Si Gate Bulk MOSFETs
Asenov, A.; Cathignol, A.; Cheng, B.; McKenna, K. P.; Brown, A. R.; Shluger, A. L.; ., Page(s): 913-915

Impact of Gate-Induced Strain on MuGFET Reliability
Nathanael, R.; Xiong, W.; Cleavelin, C. R.; Liu, T.-J. K., Page(s): 916-919

Anomalous Electron Storage Decrease in MONOS' Nitride Layers Thinner Than 4 nm
Ishida, T.; Mine, T.; Hisamoto, D.; Shimamoto, Y.; Yamada, R., Page(s): 920-922

Multiport Thru Deembedding for MOSFET Characterization

Brinkhoff, J.; Issaoun, A.; Rustagi, S. C.; Lin, F., Page(s): 923-926

Analytical Threshold Voltage Model for Double-Gate MOSFETs With Localized Charges
Kang, H.; Han, J.-W.; Choi, Y.-K., Page(s): 927-930

Two-Mask Silicides Fully Self-Aligned for Trench Gate Power IGBTs With Superjunction Structure
Yuan, S. C.; Liu, Y. M., Page(s): 931-933

Self-Heating-Induced Spatial Spread of Interface State Generation by Hot-Electron Effect: Role of the High-Energy Tail Electron Ang, D. S.; Phua, T. W. H.; Ling, C. H., Page(s): 934-937

A Novel 2-Bit/Cell p-Channel Logic Programmable Cell With Pure 90-nm CMOS Technology
Chen, Y.-J.; Huang, C.-E.; Chen, H.-S.; Lai, H.-C.; Shih, J. R.; Wu, K.; King, Y.-C.; Page(s): 938-940

Cycling Effect on the Random Telegraph Noise Instabilities of nor and nand Flash Arrays
Compagnoni, C. M.; Spinelli, A. S.; Beltrami, S.; Bonanomi, M. B.; Visconti, A., Page(s): 941-943

Drive Current Enhancement in Silicon-on-Quartz MOSFETs
Nakajima, Y.; Sasaki, K.; Hanajiri, T.; Toyabe, T.; Sugano, T., Page(s): 944-945

A Compact Model for Oxide Breakdown Failure Distribution in Ultrathin Oxides Showing Progressive Breakdown
Tous, S.; Wu, E. Y.; Sune, J., Page(s): 949-951

Nonvolatile Switching in Graphene Field-Effect Devices
Echtermeyer, T. J.; Lemme, M. C.; Baus, M.; Szafranek, B. N.; Geim, A. K.; Kurz, H., Page(s): 952-954

Improvement of Heat Dissipation Capability of Slow-Wave Structure Using Two Assembling Methods
Han, Y.; Liu, Y.-W.; Ding, Y.-G.; Liu, P.-K., Page(s): 955-956

Correction to Improvement of the Conversion Performance of a Resonating Multimode Microelectromechanical Mixer-Filter Through Parametric Amplification Koskenvuori, M.; Tittonen, I.; Alastalo, A., Page(s): 957-957

IEEE Electron Devices Society Meetings Calendar for 2008 (As of 30 June 2008) Page(s): 958-959

Special issue on vacuum electronic devices, Page(s): 962-962

Over 1 million scientific documents, Page(s): 965-965

IEEE Electron Device Letters blank page, Page(s): C4-C