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IEEE Electron Device Letters Volume: 29  Issue: 4   Date: April. 2008


Table Of Contents

IEEE Electron Device Letters publication information ,Page(s): C2-C2

Changes to the Editorial Board ,Taur, Y.Page(s): 283-283

AlGaN/GaN Metal–Oxide–Semiconductor High-Electron Mobility Transistors Using Oxide Insulator Grown by Photoelectrochemical Oxidation Method ,Huang, L.-H.; Yeh, S.-H.; Lee, C.-T.; Tang, H Page(s): 284-286

Critical Voltage for Electrical Degradation of GaN High-Electron Mobility Transistors
Joh, J.; del Alamo, J. A. ,Page(s): 287-289

RF and Logic Performance Improvement of $ hbox{In}_{0.7}hbox{Ga}_{0.3}hbox{As}/hbox{InAs}/hbox{In}_{0.7}hbox{Ga}_{0.3}hbox{As}$ Composite-Channel HEMT Using Gate-Sinking Technology ,Kuo, C.-I.; Hsu, H.-T.; Chang, E. Y.; Chang, C.-Y.; Miyamoto, Y Page(s): 290-293

High-Performance Inversion-Type Enhancement-Mode InGaAs MOSFET With Maximum Drain Current Exceeding 1 A/mm
Xuan, Y.; Wu, Y. Q.; Ye, P. D.Page(s): 294-296

Plasma Treatment for Leakage Reduction in AlGaN/GaN and GaN Schottky Contacts
Chu, R.; Shen, L.; Fichtenbaum, N.; Brown, D.; Keller, S.; Mishra, U. K.Page(s): 297-299

Effect of Al Composition and Gate Recess on Power Performance of AlGaN/GaN High-Electron Mobility Transistors
Pei, Y.; Chu, R.; Shen, L.; Fichtenbaum, N. A.; Chen, Z.; Brown, D.; Keller, S.; Denbaars, S. P.; Mishra, U. K.Page(s): 300-302

Correlation Between DC–RF Dispersion and Gate Leakage in Deeply Recessed GaN/AlGaN/GaN HEMTs
Chu, R.; Shen, L.; Fichtenbaum, N.; Chen, Z.; Keller, S.; DenBaars, S. P.; Mishra, U. K.Page(s): 303-305

The Upper Limit of the Cutoff Frequency in Ultrashort Gate-Length InGaAs/InAlAs HEMTs: A New Definition of Effective Gate Length ,Akis, R.; Ayubi-Moak, J. S.; Faralli, N.; Ferry, D. K.; Goodnick, S. M.; Saraniti, M.Page(s): 306-308

Resistive Memory Switching of $hbox{Cu}_{x}hbox{O}$ Films for a Nonvolatile Memory Application
Lv, H. B.; Yin, M.; Fu, X. F.; Song, Y. L.; Tang, L.; Zhou, P.; Zhao, C. H.; Tang, T. A.; Chen, B. A.; Lin, Y. Y.Page(s): 309-311

Ultra-Low-Voltage Schottky-Barrier Field-Enhanced Electron Emission From Gold Nanowires Electrochemically Grown in Modified Porous Alumina Templates ,Banan-Sadeghian, R.; Badilescu, S.; Djaoued, Y.; Balaji, S.; Page(s): 312-314

A Temperature-Stable Film Bulk Acoustic Wave Oscillator
Pang, W.; Ruby, R. C.; Parker, R.; Fisher, P. W.; Unkrich, M. A.; Larson, J. D.Page(s): 315-318

Magnetic-Multilayered Interconnects Featuring Skin Effect Suppression
Zhuang, Y.; Rejaei, B.; Schellevis, H.; Vroubel, M.; Burghartz, J. N.Page(s): 319-321

Influence of Extreme Thinning on 130-nm Standard CMOS Devices for 3-D Integration
De Munck, K.; Chiarella, T.; De Moor, P.; Swinnen, B.; Van Hoof, C.Page(s): 322-324

Monitoring the Electrical Properties of the Back Silicon Interface of Silicon-on-Sapphire Wafers
Domyo, H.; Bertling, K.; Ho, T.; Kistler, N.; Imthurn, G.; Stuber, M.; Rakic, A. D.; Yeow, Y.-T.Page(s): 325-327

Ge-Interface Engineering With Ozone Oxidation for Low Interface-State Density
Kuzum, D.; Krishnamohan, T.; Pethe, A. J.; Okyay, A. K.; Oshima, Y.; Sun, Y Page(s): 328-330

Structure Effects on Resistive Switching of $ hbox{Al/TiO}_{x}/hbox{Al}$ Devices for RRAM Applications
Yu, L.-E.; Kim, S.; Ryu, M.-K.; Choi, S.-Y.; Choi, Y.-K.Page(s): 331-333

Investigation on the Electric Properties of $ hbox{Bi}_{1.5}hbox{ZnNb}_{1.5}hbox{O}_{7}$ Thin Films Grown on TiN Substrate for MIM Capacitors ,Hong, K. P.; Cho, K.-H.; Jeong, Y. H.; Nahm, S.; Kang, C.-Y.; Yoon, S.-J.Page(s): 334-337

Influence of Hydrogen Incorporation on the Reliability of Gate Oxide Formed by Using Low-Temperature Plasma Selective Oxidation Applicable to Sub-50-nm W-Polymetal Gate Devices
Lim, K.-Y.; Sung, M.-G.; Cho, H.-J.; Kim, Y. S.; Jang, S.-A.; Lee, S. R.; Kim, K.; Yang Page(s): 338-340

A Study of Stray Minority Carrier Diffusion in CMOS Image Sensors
Lin, D.-L.; Wang, C.-C.; Wei, C.-L.Page(s): 341-343

Dual-Color Electroluminescence ($lambda approx hbox{450} hbox{nm}$ and 650–700 nm) From a Silicon-Based Light Source
Tan, W. K.; Chen, Q.; Ye, J. D.; Yu, M. B.; Lo, G.-Q.; Kwong, D.-L.Page(s): 344-346

Negative Offset Operation of Four-Transistor CMOS Image Pixels for Increased Well Capacity and Suppressed Dark Current
Mheen, B.; Song, Y.-J.; Theuwissen, A. J. P.Page(s): 347-349

Modeling and Probing Hot-Carrier Luminescence From MOSFETs ,Tosi, A.; Dalla Mora, A.; Pozzi, F.; Zappa, F.Page(s): 350-352

High-Performance Polysilicon TFTs Using Stacked $ hbox{Pr}_{2}hbox{O}_{3}$/Oxynitride Gate Dielectric
Pan, T.-M.; Wu, T.-W.Page(s): 353-356

An Analytical Expression for Drain Saturation Voltage of Polycrystalline Silicon Thin-Film Transistors
Hao, H.; Wang, M.; Wong, M.Page(s): 357-359

An Improved Bidirectional SCR Structure for Low-Triggering ESD Protection Applications
Liu, Z.; Vinson, J.; Lou, L.; Liou, J. J.Page(s): 360-362

High-$Q$ Thick-Gate-Oxide MOS Varactors With Subdesign-Rule Channel Lengths for Millimeter-Wave Applications
Xu, H.; O, K. K.Page(s): 363-365

Post Hard Breakdown Conduction in MOS Capacitors With Silicon and Aluminum Oxide as Dielectric
Avellan, A.; Jakschik, S.; Tippelt, B.; Kudelka, S.; Krautschneider, W.Page(s): 366-368

Monte Carlo Stress Engineering of Scaled (110) and (100) Bulk pMOSFETs ,Bufler, F. M.; Gautschi, R.; Erlebach, A.Page(s): 369-371

Outperforming the Conventional Scaling Rules in the Quantum-Capacitance Limit
Knoch, J.; Riess, W.; Appenzeller, J.Page(s): 372-374

A Novel Planar Power MOSFET With Laterally Uniform Body and Ion-Implanted JFET Region
Ng, J. C. W.; Sin, J. K. O.; Guan, L.Page(s): 375-377

Systematic TLM Measurements of NiSi and PtSi Specific Contact Resistance to n- and p-Type Si in a Broad Doping Range
Stavitski, N.; van Dal, M. J. H.; Lauwers, A.; Vrancken, C.; Kovalgin, A. Y.; Wolters, R. A. M.Page(s): 378-381

Achieving Conduction Band-Edge Schottky Barrier Height for Arsenic-Segregated Nickel Aluminide Disilicide and Implementation in FinFETs With Ultra-Narrow Fin Widths ,Lee, R. T.-P.; Liow, T. Y.; Tan, K.-M.; Lim, A. E.-J.; Koh,  Page(s): 382-385

Improved High Temperature Retention for Charge-Trapping Memory by Using Double Quantum Barriers
Yang, H. J.; Chin, A.; Lin, S. H.; Yeh, F. S.; McAlister, S. P.Page(s): 386-388

PBTI-Associated High-Temperature Hot Carrier Degradation of nMOSFETs With Metal-Gate/High- $k$ Dielectrics
Lee, K. T.; Kang, C. Y.; Yoo, O. S.; Choi, R.; Lee, B. H.; Lee, J. C.; Lee, H.-D.; Jeong, Y.-H.Page(s): 389-391

Compact Layout of DT-MOS Transistor With Source-Follower Subcircuit in 90-nm CMOS Technology
Hsu, H.-M.; Lee, T.-H.Page(s): 392-395

High-Frequency Performance of Schottky Source/Drain Silicon pMOS Devices
Raskin, J.-P.; Pearman, D. J.; Pailloncy, G.; Larson, J. M.; Snyder, J.; Leadley, D. L.; Whall, T. E.Page(s): 396-398

Effect of Oxygen Postdeposition Annealing on Bias Temperature Instability of Hafnium Silicate MOSFET
Jo, M.; Park, H.; Lee, J.-M.; Chang, M.; Jung, H.-S.; Lee, J.-H.; Hwang, H.Page(s): 399-401

Superior n-MOSFET Performance by Optimal Stress Design ,Liao, M. H.; Yeh, L.; Lee, T.-L.; Liu, C. W.; Liang, M.-S.Page(s): 402-404

IEEE Electron Devices Society Meetings Calendar for 2008 (as of 04 March 2008) ,Page(s): 405-406

IEEE Electron Device Letters information for authors Page(s): 407-407

Special issue on Nanowire Electronics ,Page(s): 408-409

Special issue on Packaging Reliability ,Page(s): 410-410

2008 IEEE International SOI Conference ,Page(s): 411-411