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IEEE Design and Test of Computers March-April 2008 (Vol. 25, No. 2)   ISSN: 0740-7475

Table Of Contents

From the EIC
Test compression saves bits, cycles, and money Tim Cheng ,p. 105

Special Issue Features
Guest Editors' Introduction: Progress in Test Compression Scott Davidson, pp. 112-113

Historical Perspective on Scan Compression Rohit Kapur,  pp. 114-120

VirtualScan: Test Compression Technology Using Combinational Logic and One-Pass ATPG Laung-Terng Wang,  pp. 122-130

UMC-Scan Test Methodology: Exploiting the Maximum Freedom of Multicasting Chao-Wen Tzeng, pp. 132-140

Hierarchical Test Compression for SoC Designs Kee Sup Kim, Intel ,Ming Zhang, Intel ,pp. 142-148

RFIC Chips, Part 2
Loopback DFT for Low-Cost Test of Single-VCO-Based Wireless Transceivers Ganesh Srinivasan,,pp. 150-159

Wireless System for Microwave Test Signal Generation Qizhang Yin, Monolithic Power Systems ,pp. 160-166

Other Features
An Illustrated Methodology for Analysis of Error Tolerance Melvin A. Breuer, pp. 168-177

Device Model for Ballistic CNFETs Using the First Conducting Band Hamidreza Hashempour,  pp. 178-186

DATC Newsletter
DATC Newsletter ,Joe Damore ,p. 187

Discussing DRAM and CMOS Scaling with Inventor Bob Dennard pp. 188-191

Standards update from IP 07 Victor Berman, Improv Systems,pp. 192-193

Book Reviews
Building your yield of dreams Sachin Sapatnekar, University of Minnesota ,pp. 194-195

CEDA Currents
CEDA Currents ,pp. 196-197

TTTC Newsletter
TTTC Newsletter ,Bruce C. Kim ,pp. 198-199.

The Last Byte
The commonality of vector generation techniques Scott Davidson, Sun Microsystems ,p. 200