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IEEE Control Systems Magazine Volume: 28  Issue: 3   Date: May-June. 2008

Table Of Contents

Fear of Finding (from the editor)
Bernstein, D.S. Page(s): 6-6

Pointillism [about this issue]
Bernstein, D.S. Page(s): 8-9

Thoughts on IEEE [President's message]
Castanon, D.A. Page(s): 10-14

25 Years Ago
Gelb, A. Page(s): 15-15

IEEE Control Systems Magazine Board
Page(s): 15-15

Ferrous Floatation [Ask the experts]
Knospe, C.R. Page(s): 18-20

Palanthandalam-Madapusi, H.J. Page(s): 16-17

CSS Quarter Century Members
Tomlin, C. Page(s): 21-21

Systems Biology Technical Committee
Page(s): 22-35

Sensing and control in optical drives how to read data from a clear disc
Chaghajerdi, A.H. Page(s): 23-29

People in control
Page(s): 30-35

Discontinuous dynamical systems
Cortes, J. Page(s): 36-73

Becoming a control engineer 1956¿1965
Kokotovic, P.V. Page(s): 74-79

Hard disk drive servo systems, 2nd edition
Chen, B.M.; Lee, T.H.; Peng, K.; Page(s): 80-81

Discrete, continuous and hybrid petri nets
David, R.; Alla, H. Page(s): 81-84

Control of single wheel robots
Xu, Y.; Ou, Y. Page(s): 84-84

Applied optimization: formulation and algorithms for engineering systems
Baldick, R. Page(s): 85-85

Solution to controls conundrum crossword
Page(s): 87-87

46th IEEE Conference on Decision and Control
Page(s): 88-105

Obituary: John Zaborszky
Mukai, H.; Tarn, T.J. Page(s): 106-107

Conference calendar
Page(s): 108-108

IEEE Control systems Society
Page(s): 110-110

Controls conundrum
Simon, D. Page(s): 112-112