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IEEE Control Systems Magazine Volume: 16  Issue: 2   Date: Mar-Apr. 2008

Table Of Contents

IEEE Control Systems Magazine ,Page(s): c1-c1

From the Editor: Questionable Publicity ,Bernstein, D.S.;Page(s): 6-7

About This Issue: Medley ,Bernstein, D.A.Page(s): 8-9

President's Message: Weighing the Pros and Cons of Interactive Sessions Castanon, D.A.Page(s): 10-12

25 Years Ago ,Lundberg, K.Page(s): 14-18

IEEE Control Systems Magazine Board ,Page(s): 14-14

Feedback ,Willia, D.,Page(s): 15-101

Ask The Experts ,Teixeira, B.Page(s): 16-18

Introducing the Member Activities Board ,Tomlin, C.Page(s): 19-19

Technical Activities Board ,Farrell, J.Page(s): 20-20

People in Control ,Tzafestas, S.G.; May Win TheinPage(s): 21-26

Control of HIV Infection Dynamics ,Chang, H.; Astolfi, A.Page(s): 28-39

Functional Electrical Stimulation ,Lynch, C.L.; Popovic, M.R.Page(s): 40-50

Real-time indoor autonomous vehicle test environment How, J.P.; Behihke, B.; Frank, A.; Dale,Page(s): 51-64

Scanning Probe Microscopy ,Salapaka, S.M.; Salapaka, M.V.Page(s): 65-83

Conference Report ,Chang Hee WonPage(s): 84-86

Bookshelf ,Michel, A.N.Page(s): 87-88

Obituary ,Curtain, R.F.; Hinrichsen, D.Page(s): 90-91

Conference Calender ,Page(s): 92-101

CSS Business: Minutes of the CSS Board of Governors Meeting ,Page(s): 94-101

CSS Page ,Page(s): 102-102

Random Inputs ,Chen, H.F.; Cheng, D.; Brockett, R.; Guardabassi, G.O.Page(s): 104-104