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IEEE Control Systems Magazine Volume: 28  Issue: 4   Date: Jul - Aug. 2008

Table Of Contents

What's wrong? [From the Editor]
Bernstein, D.S. Page(s): 6-7

Global viewpoint [About This Issue]
Bernstein, D.S. Page(s): 8-9

Thoughts on CSS publications [President's Message]
Castanon, D.A. Page(s): 10-12

Call for Papers - ACC 2009
Page(s): 13-13

Cooperative systems - an evolutionary perspective [25 Years Ago]
Vamos, T. Page(s): 14-16

Call for Papers - MED 2009
Page(s): 15-15

Page(s): 18-18

Bipedal walking [Ask the Experts]
Westervelt, E.R. Page(s): 20-22

IEEE CSS Distinguished Lecturer Program [Member Activities]
Tomlin, C.; Petersen, I. Page(s): 23-23

HYSCOM and HYCON [Technical Committee Activities]
Farrell, J. Page(s): 24-25

Nanopositioning for probe-based data storage [Applications of Control]
Sebastian, A.; Pantazi, A.; Pozidis, H.; Eleftheriou, E. Page(s): 26-35

People in Control
Page(s): 36-43

Global analysis of the double-gimbal mechanism
Osborne, J.; Hicks, G.; Fuentes, R. Page(s): 44-64

Network models of criminal behavior
Ferrari, S.; Baumgartner, K.C.; Palermo, G.B.; Page(s): 65-77

Spacecraft tracking using sampled-data Kalman filters
Teixeira, B.O.S.; Santillo, M.A.; Erwin, R.S. Page(s): 78-94

The arts and engineering [Focus on Education]
Shuster, M.D. Page(s): 96-98

Delft Pneumatic Bipeds (M. Wisse et al.; 2007) [Bookshelf]
Grizzle, J.; Poulakakis, I. Page(s): 99-101

Aircraft and Rotorcraft System Identification: Engineering Methods with Flight Test Examples (M.B. Tischler et al.; 2006) [Bookshelf] Horn, J.F. Page(s): 101-103

Visualizing Quaternions (A.J. Hanson; 2006) [Bookshelf]
Larochelle, P. Page(s): 104-105

Adaptive Control Tutorial (P. Ioannou et al.; 2006) [Bookshelf]
Tao, G. Page(s): 105-107

Conference Calendar
Page(s): 108-108

IEEE Control Systems Society
Page(s): 110-110

Top three [Random Inputs]
Page(s): 112-112