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IEEE Computer Volume September 2008 (Vol. 41, No. 9) ISSN: 0018-9162

Table Of Contents

Article Summaries   p. 4

Click Here to Empty Trash David Alan Grier, pp. 6-8

32 and 16 Years Ago  pp. 9-10

Stitching Computing Systems into a Single Fabric Sixto Ortiz Jr. pp. 11-13

New Technology Prevents Data Leakage  George Lawtonpp. 14-17

News Briefs  Linda Dailey Paulson pp. 18-20

Enabling Next-Generation RFID Applications: Solutions and Challenges
Quan Z. Sheng, University of Adelaide  pp. 21-28

XML Document Parsing: Operational and Performance Characteristics  Tak Cheung (Brian) Lam, Cisco  pp. 30-37

Scalable User Content Distribution for Massively Multiplayer Online Worlds  Symborski pp. 38-44

Second Life and the New Generation of Virtual Worlds Sanjeev Kumar, Intel pp. 46-53

Everybody Share: The Challenge of Data-Sharing Systems Ken Smith, Mitre pp. 54-61

Interconnection Networks: Architectural Challenges for Utility Computing Data Centers
Olav Lysne, University of Oslo pp. 62-69

IEEE Computer Society Elections  pp. 71-79

Call and Calendar  Bob Ward, IEEE Computer Society pp. 84-86

Bookshelf Pp. 87

The Social Web: Research and Opportunities Ed H. Chi,  pp. 88-91

Innovation and Value Ann DeMarle,  pp. 92-94

Toward the Semantic Deep Web James Geller,  pp. 95-97

XML Does Real Programmers a Service Ian Gorton,  pp. 100, 98-99