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IEEE Computer Volume: 41  Issue: 10   Date: Oct. 2008

Table Of Contents

Masthead Page(s): 1-1

Article Summaries Page(s): 4-4

CES Ad Page(s): 5-5

Letters Page(s): 6-7

Drinking with Dinosaurs Grier, David Alan Page(s): 8-10

32 and 16 Years Ago Page(s): 11-12

High-Stakes Battle Rages in Graphics-Chip Marketplace Leavitt, Neal Page(s): 13-15

Technology News Geer, D. Page(s): 16-19

News Briefs Paulson, Linda Dailey Page(s): 20-22

Challenges and Lessons in Developing Middleware on Smart Phones Riva, O.; Kangasharju, J. Page(s): 23-31

Total Recall Bimber, Oliver Page(s): 32-33

Noninvasive BCIs: Multiway Signal-Processing Array Decompositions
Cichocki, A.; Washizawa, Y.;  Page(s): 34-42

CTS Ad  Page(s): 43-43

BioSig: A Free and Open Source Software Library for BCI Research Schlogl, A.; Brunner, C. Page(s): 44-50

Wiley CS Press Ad Page(s): 51-51

Brain-Computer Interface Operation of Robotic and Prosthetic Devices McFarland, D.J.; Wolpaw, J.R. Page(s): 52-56

CS Digital Editions Ad Page(s): 57-57

Rehabilitation with Brain-Computer Interface Systems Pfurtscheller, G.; Muller-Putz,  Page(s): 58-65

Brain-Computer Interfaces, Virtual Reality, and Videogames, Lecuyer, A.; Lotte, F.; Reilly, R.B.; Leeb, R.; Page(s): 66-72

CS Info Page Page(s): 73-73

Career Opportunities Page(s): 74-81

Computer Society Honors Top Experts Ward, Bob Page(s): 82-84

Call and Calendar Ward, Bob Page(s): 85-87

CS Membership Forms Page(s): 88-88

CS Membership Forms Page(s): 89-89

CS Membership Forms Page(s): 90-90

Bookshelf Page(s): 91-91

Wireless Sensor Networks Stankovic, J.A. Page(s): 92-95

Structural Complexity in Architecture-Centric Software Evolution
Sangwan, R.S.; Li-Ping Lin; Neill, C.J. Page(s): 96-99

Eyes-Free User Interfaces Raman, T.V.; Chen, C.L. Page(s): 100-101

Walled Gardens versus the Wild West Higa, Darold Page(s): 102-105

The Dea[r]th of Human Understanding Holmes, Neville Page(s): 108-107

CS Awards Ad Page(s): 992-992

IEEE DL Ad Page(s): 993-993

Seapine Ad Page(s): 994-994