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IEEE Computer March 2008 (Vol. 41, No. 3)   ISSN: 0018-9162

Table Of Contents

Article Summaries
Article Summaries ,p. 4
Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor ,pp. 5-6
The Known World
Long John Software and the Digital Jolly Roger ,David Alan Grier ,pp. 7-9
32 & 16 Years Ago ,pp. 10-11
Industry Trends
Will IEEE 802.1X Finally Take Off in 2008? ,Neal Leavitt, pp. 12-15
Technology News
Moving the OS to the Web ,George Lawton ,pp. 16-19
News Briefs
News Briefs ,Linda Dailey Paulson ,pp. 20-22
Computing Practices
A Content-Centric Development Process Model ,Pablo Moreno-Ger, pp. 24-30
Cover Feature
Making a Difference in the Software Century ,Barry Boehm, pp. 32-38
Determining the Impact of Software Engineering Research on Practice ,Leon J. Osterweil pp. 39-49
The ASC-Alliance Projects: A Case Study of Large-Scale Parallel Scientific Code Development ,Lorin Hochstein, pp. 50-58
Research Feature
SSL/TLS Session-Aware User Authentication ,Rolf Oppliger, pp. 59-65
Model Predictive Feedback Control for QoS Assurance in Webservers ,Cheng-Zhong Xu, pp. 66-72
Career Opportunities
Career Opportunities (PDF),pp. 74-78
Bookshelf ,Pp. 79
Computer Society Connection
Computer Society Connection ,Bob Ward, pp. 83-85
Call and Calendar
Call and Calendar ,pp. 86-88
Broadening Participation in Computing
Transitioning from a Community College to a Four-Year University
Patricia Morreale, pp. 89-91
Web Technologies
SOA What? ,Michael J. Carey, BEA Systems ,pp. 92-94
IT Systems Perspectives
Cognitive Systems Engineering: The Hype and the Hope
Gary Klein, pp. 95-97
Developing International Standards for Very Small Enterprises
Claude Y. pp. 98-101
The Profession
Supporting Acquisition of Basic Skills
Neville Holmespp. 104, 102-103